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Video playlist: Sustainable STEM careers

Sustainable STEM Careers

Want an environmentally-friendly career that will build a better future here on Earth? These videos are for you

Sustainable STEM careers have the power to change the world! From future energy specialists and climatologists, to agricultural scientists and tech entrepreneurs, we’ve rounded up six awesome videos that look at jobs that can make a real difference.

There are so many exciting paths to walk down and we hope this playlist inspires you to choose a sustainable STEM career! There are also plenty of ways to combine your interests and talents with STEM careers – we call this STEM + X. Discover yours here.

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1. Next Gen Careers: Future Energy Specialist webinar

Relying on fossil fuels for our energy resources has created big challenges for our planet. We’re now focusing on renewable, clean energy resources, but we need ways to find, extract, store and recycle that energy. The job of a future energy specialist is to find those solutions. Interested in a career as a Future Energy Specialist? Check out this webinar to learn more and meet the people who are shaping our energy future, brought to you by QUT.

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2. 7 STEM careers that fight global warming

Wondering what you want to be when you grow up? How about saving the world from one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced yet? In this video, we take a look at seven STEM careers that help fight global warming.

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3. 5 Future City Shaper STEM Jobs

Dream of building the cities of the future? STEM professionals are building cities and spaces that are safer, more efficient and sustainable – here are five STEM careers that are shaping our future cities.

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4. Next Gen Careers: Future Scientist

Next generation scientists will transform the way that we live and work, and address the global challenges we face right now. From the health aspects of urban and regional development, to drone management of wildlife, 3D visualisation of reefs, and futuristic uses of materials, discover the new careers emerging from advanced science and the pathways to get there.

In this webinar, hear from experts in their careers about how new-world scientists can provide paths into all kinds of careers like wildlife drone conservationist, 3D reef visualiser, climate mitigator and business inventor. Be part of the next generation of work by discovering your career passion – whether you want to create social impact or work at the cutting-edge of technology.

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5. Planet-saving STEM careers

There are so many challenges facing humanity right now – but there’s also hope! Discover how a career in science, technology, engineering and maths could put you at the frontline of making the world a better place. Watch the above video to learn more about ecologists, marine biologists, entomologists and engineers.

DISCOVER: STEM + Environment careers

6. Bust engineering myths! And discover how to become an engineer with Careers with STEM

In this live webinar recording, hear from a disability inclusion activist who switched from industrial design to humanitarian engineering and an engineer taking on the challenges of designing future cities.

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