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You can turn your dream career into a reality sooner than you think with TAFE NSW. With plenty of certificate and diploma courses in digital media and technology on offer, you’ll also find online options via TAFE’s Open Training and Education Network (OTEN), giving you flexibility and choice.

Keely Dixon (pictured) began her Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology with OTEN as part of her traineeship with the IT department of the Mid-Western Regional Council in Mudgee, NSW.

“I smashed it out in four months!” she says. “It was awesome to be able to do it so quickly and to study when I wanted.”

Keely, who has had two promotions, is now a systems support officer, and aims to become a manager.

“There are so many good job opportunities in the digital technologies and media industries, and we need to have a lot more women represented,” says OTEN’s Director Education, Cecelia Cilesio. “Networking and cybersecurity are high-demand areas,” she says.

Keely says digital technologies are “a lot more than geeky computer coding; it’s multi-faceted and there’s a lot of freedom”. Her specialty is technology procurement for the council, “figuring out what’s new, what’s out there, what we can implement”. One of her online TAFE courses included business analysis to help her with that, she says.

Her biggest project to date: “I’ve built a whole new intranet for the council, at a cost saving of $20,000 a year. That’s been my baby.”

– Jane Nicholls

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online TAFE courses

“There are so many good job opportunities in the digital technologies and media industries.”


Author: Breana