MItch Klenner ANSTO

Nuclear research is changing the face of medicine

Postgraduate researcher at ANSTO, Mitch Klenner never thought he’d be working in nuclear medicine. Now, it’s his passion; through trial-and-error he’s paving the way for nuclear medicines to detect and eradicate disease.

ANSTO coral reef

Reef obsession

Francesca Gissi is at ANSTO under a postgraduate research award, driving the fight against coral reef demise. It’s a job that takes her from the lab to the reef, like a coral crime detective.

From PhD to project coordinator

For nuclear scientist Floriana Salvemini, a PhD was a great way to build valuable skills while studying something fascinating.

Nuclear science

Atomic theory

Open minds and a thirst for knowledge helped two engineers make a huge contribution to nuclear science.

Materials science researcher Josie Auckett

Next big thing

ANSTO materials science researchers develop materials with unique properties to help solve problems.

agile skills

Staying agile

Jump-start a stellar career and build the perfect skillset by forging your industry links early.


Amazing jobs with ANSTO

Follow your passion and broaden your skill set by combining your science degree with humanities, business or arts.