ANSTO coral reef

Reef obsession

Francesca Gissi is at ANSTO under a postgraduate research award, driving the fight against coral reef demise. It’s a job that takes her from the lab to the reef, like a coral crime detective.

student science writing

Future Earth

Submissions to the UNSW Bragg student science writing prize reveal Australian kids’ hopes and fears for the planet’s future.



Combining technology and science allows us to think big and solve challenges in computing, medicine and the environment.

Feed the world

Feed the world

With a career is agriculture, you could develop groundbreaking technologies that could tackle some of the world’s major food security challenges.

alzheimer's imaging

Saving memory

Olivier Salvado is developing a way to use imaging technology to detect Alzheimer’s disease in the brain decades before a patient gets sick.


Mass data

Choose a career in the wide-open field of bioinformatics, and help save the world.