Teach Earth and Environmental science online

While field excursions are out, there are plenty of creative ways to teach Earth and Environmental science online. CEO of Earth Sciences Western Australia, Jo Watkins, takes us through her amazing resources from K-12.

Careers with STEM shares education tips, content and free resources for inspiring and teaching kids about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). This week, meet Jo Watkins, CEO of Earth Sciences Western Australia and find out about the millions of hits they’ve been getting on their awesome Earth and Environmental Science content.

Earth Sciences Western Australia creates, produces and delivers innovative, valuable earth sciences experiences including school visits, activities, interactive worksheets and videos to teach Earth and Environmental science. This education team are fired up about increasing the awareness of the wide range of career opportunities that Earth Sciences provide; and emphasising the importance of Earth Sciences in understanding contemporary issues.

Watch ESWA’s ‘What is STEM’ video here or find out what it’s really like to work in mining.

Resources to teach Earth and Environmental Science provided by Earth Sciences Western Australia include years 7 to 12 and include blog posts, videos, interactive worksheets and much more. Plus, experts are ready to connect with teachers directly to help with questions, provide resources and information and feedback on more content that teachers of Earth and Environmental Science are interested in.

In this video, CEO of ESWA, Jo Watkins walks us through the latest Earth and Environmental Science content, how they’ve been responding during the pandemic, and what ideas that they have for explosive, fun and informative ways to get students engaging in Earth and Environmental Science in new ways. Don’t miss their totally cool animations!

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Heather Catchpole

Author: Heather Catchpole

Heather co-founded Careers with STEM publisher Refraction Media. She loves storytelling, Asian food & dogs and has reported on science stories from live volcanoes and fossil digs


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