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Careers with STEM brings you practical solutions for integrating STEM learning, and provides examples of how the STEM skills you teach can lead to amazing careers in any field. We create content for high schoolers that doubles as excellent teacher resources for the high school classroom.

You can:

– Distribute Careers with STEM magazines or hang posters around the classroom.

– Use a careers quiz as a class exercise to demonstrate the awesome career potential of STEM skills.

– Watch video interviews of career figures and students in STEM.

Stay up-to-date on what’s new in the world of STEM.

– Find and share career role-models with diverse and exemplary study pathways.

– Diversify your role-model examples with Women in STEM or Indigenous Australians in STEM.

– Find STEM lessons plans centred around the magazines.

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There’s STEM projects for high schools, lesson plans, and ideas to reinvigorate the way you teach STEM. See everything from the education blog.

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Hesitant about STEM? We’ve got tips and tools to get you started

Find a huge list of coding resources; from tutorials and games to clubs, comps, and hackathons.

Visit the Education blog for teacher-specific tips on integrating the Digital Technologies curriculum.

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Visit the Careers with STEM shop to find all our teacher resources. Best of all? Most of them are free for download, or you can order a copy in print!

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