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Teachers tell us how they use Careers with STEM

Teachers are among the most regular users of Careers with STEM – here’s why!

Teachers are using Careers with STEM’s magazine, newsletters and website to be better informed and more confident to discuss the diversity of STEM careers on offer, according to Careers with STEM’s 2023 reader survey.

“I like how there are actual examples of people working “in the field” as well as a diverse range of careers shown. It increases confidence to discuss STEM careers because you provide real examples and explain the path (education and experience) that people took to get there,” said one teacher.

The survey found 70% of Careers with STEM’s readers increased their confidence when discussing STEM careers, and most respondents also shared Careers with STEM resources with more than 20 people/students.

“It is an excellent source of up-to-date information and allows the student to investigate what they believe they’re interested in, however may take them into another area they had not thought of,” said another respondent.

Most teachers access Careers with STEM products one to two times a month, commonly using the weekly newsletters to keep up to date on emerging careers and changes in industry.

“We love them all! Any we can get our hands on go straight to our (primary school) STEM room where the kids devour them,” said one teacher.

We’d like to thank all the readers who took part in this year’s survey. If you like what we do please share it with your colleagues and encourage them to sign up to our newsletters.

Careers with STEM publishes four print editions (Science, Maths + Data, Engineering and Technology) each year, along with dozens of Job Kits exploring existing and emerging careers in STEM. We’ve published more than 700 inspiring role models on our site and distributed more than 2 million magazines in our 10-year history.

You can access all of the past editions in digital format at no cost here.

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