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Sexual health tech
A survey of 572 Australians aged 18–34 has revealed that almost a third have never had a sexual health check before. Image: Geni

A new free app is empowering young people to take control of their sexual health

Health careers are no longer reserved waiting rooms, stethoscopes and suiting up in scrubs! Programmers, app developers and software engineers are rolling out game-changing tech-based products and services just as key to improving and saving lives.

And among the most cutting-edge start-ups born out of 2021? Geni – a free app designed by a talented team of programmers to empower young people to take control of their sexual health.

Tech + sexual health

With preliminary research revealing that almost a third of young Aussies feel awkward and embarrassed about booking a sexual health check, the developers behind Geni set out with a clear goal – to make checking sexual health simple, easy, accessible and discreet.

“The research shows there is a lot of work to be done to encourage more young people to catch up with or start getting sexual health checks,”  stresses Aggie Cox, Marketing Director ANZ at Hologic, a company that supports the Geni awareness initiative.

“Our vision for Geni is for it to act as a conversation starter for those who are unsure if they need to go for a sexual health check.”

The app works to ensure users have the most relevant and up-to-date information, giving them the confidence to discuss sexual health openly with their healthcare provider.

Geni is a good starting point to learn more about the information they need, before going to the next step of looking for professional healthcare advice and booking an appointment,” explains Aggie.

“We strive to develop innovative solutions for people by listening to their wants and needs, and by consulting clinicians in the field.”

The tech behind the tech

Just like with most tech/health products – the consultation process was epic, with every feature of Geni fact-checked by a team of accredited healthcare professionals.

Among the app’s main functions is the ability to assess a person’s risk of having an STI, create non-invasive reminders for when a person should attend a sexual health check, and deliver informed sexual health advice.

Based on the answers provided, Geni will determine when the user should book an appointment for a sexual health check, with the option of setting a reminder.

Good for you

While booking an appointment with regular healthcare providers is recommended, the Geni app also contains a bank of trusted healthcare providers, including female GPs, LGBTQI+-friendly clinics, and health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Then there’s the information on common STI symptoms, cervical screenings, and the ins and outs of a sexual health check consultations – all answered in the app’s frequently asked questions section.

Cleverly designed visual reminders are available to download from the app so engaged users can share relevant information on social media or directly with friends to encourage others to look after their sexual health too.

Want more info? Check out where to download Geni here. Such an important and out-of-the-box example of innovation opportunities in healthcare.

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Author: Cassie Steel

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