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Technology careers are changing: find all the future gigs in our latest issue

In this special 10th edition of Careers with STEM: Technology, we look back on how tech careers have changed and the future technology careers to get excited about

Already everywhere around us, tech is on the cusp of new breakthroughs – think Artificial Intelligence that creates images and text, telescopes that can capture never-before seen images of the universe, and quantum computers that will solve even the most complex of problems.

Googlers who featured on Careers with STEM covers over the last decade share their career stories in the latest issue. Image by Lauren Trompp

All of these evolutions in tech, and many others, will require highly skilled graduates. The Australian government and the Australian tech sector have a shared commitment to achieve 1.2 million tech jobs in Australia by 2030 to support Australia’s broader digital transformation. And it starts with getting students excited about the diverse and fulfilling range of careers on offer in tech, and understanding where new tech careers are emerging.

This issue of Careers with STEM: Technology is heavy on AI — as artificial intelligence permeates our everyday lives, and new tools like ChatGPT show us what’s possible when you combine machine and human intelligence to address the world’s biggest challenges.

Plus meet tech graduates in their dream career at Google, people using tech on the frontlines of disaster response, the digital superheroes safeguarding our data, and the cutting edge tech being used by healthcare professionals.

Whatever your passion, discover how to combine it with technology to forge your perfect career path in Careers with Technology, also available to purchase in print. Sponsored by Google.

Look out for the free copy of Careers with STEM: Technology that we’ve sent to your secondary school or uni this term. To order additional copies head here.

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