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Tech careers are booming in banking!


Sending cash fast, fighting off crims and protecting our economy: all in a day’s work at Australia’s Central Bank

Banking has come a long way from coins weighed on old-school scales and hand-written cheques and contracts. Behind the scenes in banking, a technology and innovation boom is underway. And if you want a high-tech career in the world of banking, Australia’s Central Bank, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is where it’s at.

Innovation for our economic health

Without the RBA, Australia would grind to a halt. The RBA looks after our economic system – this includes setting policies and managing systems related to payments, the value of the Aussie Dollar and the economic welfare of the Australian people.

Have you:

  • Used Australia’s snazzy plastic banknotes? The RBA manufactures and distributes them (and they were invented in Australia by the RBA, CSIRO and The University of Melbourne).
  • Sent money almost instantaneously using PayID (with only a phone number or email address)? (Read more about the New Payments Platform.)
  • Received payments like Youth Allowance or a tax refund from the Government? 

You guessed it: the RBA looks after all this.

(Read more about what the RBA does here

The people behind innovation

Domenic Napoli, IT Analyst at RBA.
Domenic Napoli, IT Analyst at RBA. Image: Lauren Trompp

The RBA couldn’t achieve all this without its people working in IT across some of the best architecture, infrastructure, security, innovation and data teams in the country.

Domenic Napoli, an IT Analyst, is enthusiastic about the opportunities he’s found in the field of IT. After completing a university degree he joined the RBA’s IT Jumpstart Graduate Program.

“I find it quite exciting to work in the IT field within a banking institution,” he says.

“The work we are doing in IT makes up the backbone of all the economic and monetary functions of the RBA. You see the real and impactful results of your contribution to people both inside and outside of the Bank as well as get to support the greater economy.”

Information Technology underpinned speedy COVID-19 payments

The RBA helped Australians during the COVID-19 pandemic too. Over 28.5 million electronic transfers for COVID stimulus payments were distributed in record time – and they arrived much quicker than those sent after the Global Financial Crisis (in 2008/2009). Back then, payment was by a cheque in the mail, usually taking nine days to arrive before you could put it in your account!

IT skills in demand

Are you passionate about technology but not sure which path to take? Consider this: IT graduates can apply a range of technical and non-technical skills across different roles – from strategic planning, project and change management to software development, IT security and more.

With the RBA’s IT Jumpstart Graduate Program you can gain valuable experience while working hands-on with leading-edge technologies that have practical applications. The RBA is looking for people who are passionate about technology, teamwork, and being innovative.

You can apply through the website.

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