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Tech careers in transforming business

Get the lowdown on how today’s coolest tech is powering tomorrow’s business world and careers

Welcome to the tech + business universe – a place where coders help companies stay ahead of the game and startups disrupt entire industries. Get ready to discover how tech gurus are transforming our workplaces, retail, banking and more, and how you can build a career in this exciting space.

Get the skills

Here are some of the skills you’ll need to score a tech + business job:

●  Coding: Understanding different programming languages will give you an edge in most tech jobs.

●  Data analysis: The ability to make sense of numbers and trends is a huge asset for businesses looking to make smarter decisions.

●  Creativity: Your ability to think outside the box will help find the best tech solutions to business challenges.

●  Problem solving: Every challenge is a new puzzle to solve!

●  Communication: You’ll need to know how to explain your tech tricks to non-tech folks.

Who’s hiring?

Here’s where you might land a job using your tech + biz knowhow:

Tech giants: Think Google, Atlassian, Xero.

Startups: Fast-growing companies need tech-savvy minds.

Banks: The ‘fintech’ revolution is here!

Retailers: Online shopping is booming, and retailers need tech experts.

Government: Public services are going digital and employing tech grads.

5 ways tech is transforming business

…and the tech roles that are driving the change!

1. AI is reshaping customer service

We’re all used to chatbots on business websites, but now AI-powered natural language models – like the one behind OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google’s Bard – can be loaded up with specific business or customer info to make them the ultimate customer service pros!

Far from the generic, robotic answers we’re used to getting from old-school chatbots, these will offer personalised assistance, 24/7!

Skill up in AI, machine learning or natural language processing for career opportunities in this area.

2. Big Data is making marketing personal

Companies collect loads of info about what we like and buy to help improve their sales. This data helps them send us personalised ads that catch our attention – it means more effective advertising for them and fewer irrelevant ads for us.

Data scientists or data analysts are tech-savvy folks getting paid the big bucks to make sure those ads are totally on-point.

3. VR and AR are changing how we shop

The use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in retail is growing. ‘Smart mirrors’, for example, use AR to help you mix and match new clothes. You can even add cool filters to complete your new look and share it on socials!

VR and AR developers, who usually have computer science or software engineering backgrounds, and user experience designers are the pros creating these immersive shopping experiences of the future.

4. Cyber security is a business essential

With digital growth comes digital threats. That means cyber security specialists are now critically important – protecting companies big and small from potential hackers and data breaches.

Want tech skills that are sought after in the business world? This pathway should be high on your list.

5. Blockchain is helping keep business dealings honest and open

Heard of Bitcoin? It’s one of many cryptocurrencies that run on blockchain, a technology that keeps track of digital transactions securely. It’s like an unchangeable digital record that’s shared by everyone but controlled by no single person. But blockchain isn’t just for cryptocurrency – businesses are using this technology to track goods, make sure products are legit, and much more.

Skill up in areas like computer science and cryptography to forge a career in this area.

Tech + Business Study


Bachelor of Information Technology / Bachelor of Business, The University of Newcastle

Bachelor of Business (Information Systems), Auckland University of Technology


Master of Business Information Technology, RMIT

Master of Artificial Intelligence, Victoria University of Wellington

Tech + Business Jobs

Business analyst, IT A$58K–A$123K / NZ$55K–NZ$104K

Business intelligence developer A$64K–A$133K / NZ$62K–NZ$117K

Cyber security analyst A$55K–A$121K / NZ$52K–NZ$137K

Machine learning engineer A$59K–A$149K / NZ$53K–NZ$134K

This story first appeared in Careers with STEM: Technology 2023.

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