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Here’s a list of all the tech careers we can think of

computer science jobs

With tech talents making up 20 of the 25 most in-demand skills, it’s no secret that computer science is where the jobs are at

But gigs in tech aren’t just limited to IT-support and data programming roles. Tertiary studies in computer science, information technology or software engineering offer up solid, transferable skills that can be used in a host of awesome future-focused tech careers.

Here, we list as many computer science jobs as we can so you can widen your graduate job searches.

Social media and digital marketing jobs

Social media digital marketing jobs
Image: Shutterstock

One of the coolest things about 2023 is that you can sit on social media and call it work. Companies use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat to mine statistics, offer up marketing insights, solve functionality issues and develop new platforms. Sold on STEM + socials? Pop these on the jobs-to-follow list:

Marketing technologist

SEO consultant

Web analytics developer

Digital marketing manager

Social media manager

Growth hacker

Data science jobs

Data science jobs
Image: Shutterstock

The next generation of stats gigs provide companies with the information needed to make smarter – more informed – business decisions. They hunt down numbers to uncover new insights, predict trends and understand complex consumer behaviours. In computer science jobs, some of the highly valued data roles now trending include:

Database administrator

Data architect

Data modeler

Data analyst

Data scientist

Cloud architect

Statistics specialist 

Decision scientist

Cyber security jobs

Cybersecurity computer science jobs
Image: Shutterstock

High pay, job security and the flexibility to work between sectors and cities, are just some of the reasons people are jumping on a career in cybersecurity. And with cyber-crime costing the global economy over $400 billion each year, there is serious demand for such a specialised skill set. A degree in computer science or cyber security – could offer up one of these exciting pathways:

Information security analyst

Software security engineer

Information security officer

Security architect

Security engineer

Penetration tester

Information security crime investigator

User experience jobs

User experience jobs
Image: Shutterstock

Consider yourself creative, but heaps into tech too? User experience jobs fuse design with problem-solving smarts to deliver meaningful and relevant experiences and products (think: drafting an interface or developing new physical tech like a phone). Search for degrees in User Interface and Experience Design and look into the following roles:

UX designer

UX strategist

UX product manager

UX analyst

UX architect

UI designer

UX engineer

UI designer

Accessibility specialist

Interaction designer

Usability researcher

UX researcher

Software jobs

Software developer computer science jobs
Image: Shutterstock

Software developers design, run, test and troubleshoot various computer programs and apps. And their chosen language? HTML, Java, Lython and C++! Software developer gigs are expected to grow up to 21 per cent by 2028, so hit up a computer science/software engineering/programming degree and become fluent in code stat.

Application developer

Applications engineer

Associate developer

Computer programmer


Digital archeologist

Java developer

Software engineer

.NET developer


Programmer analyst

Applications engineer

Software engineer

Systems architect

System designer

Systems and IT jobs

IT computer science jobs
Image: Shutterstock

Like a lot of computer science fields, systems staffers are very much based behind the scenes. They’re tasked with making sure machines, apps and software are working as they should, as well as updating, upgrading and maintaining hardware. Transferable soft skills like attention to detail and good interpersonal skills are key, as troubleshooting other people’s problems generally comes with the gig.

Systems administrator

Systems engineer

Network engineer

Business systems analyst

Computer network architect

Computer and information research scientist

Systems manager

It analyst

IT coordinator

Telecommunications specialist

Telecommunications engineer

Web development jobs

Web developer computer science jobs
Image: Shutterstock

These guys often work in client-serving jobs – designing, creating and modifying functional websites with their slick HTML, JavaScript and SQL smarts. Bachelors degrees in Information Technology and Computer Science can equip you with the relevant skill-set, alongside a bunch of specialised diplomas and TAFE courses.

Web designer

Front end developer

UI designer

UX designer

Interaction designer

Wed developer

Full stack developer

IT technician

Dev ops

SEO specialist

Keen to know more about one of tech’s most in-demand careers? Find out everything you need to know about data science.


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