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10 tech companies YOU should work for

Tech companies you should work for

If you’re thinking the ‘T’ in STEM is the path you want to walk down after school, start sussing out these employers!

There are so many awesome tech companies you should work for in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. We’ve chosen 10 to tell you about and have highlighted how they fit into your very own STEM + X – where ‘X’ is your passion, an interest, another subject, a big opportunity or a life-changing goal.


1. Google

Thousands of Googlers work at Google Sydney, which is also the birthplace of Google Maps and the Go programming language! At this tech mecca, you could score a role in anything from security for Google Cloud to testing wearables and ensuring site reliability.

X areas: AI, creativity, cyber security, quantum

Read more about Google careers in Careers with STEM: Technology

2. Atlassian

Think of these guys as the tech company for tech people! Atlassian builds products and tools that software developers, IT experts and project managers use to make their jobs easier. The Australian base is in Sydney, but there are offices all over the world and the company has a great work from home policy!

X areas: AI, design

3. Canva

Canva was launched in Perth back in 2013 and is an online graphic design tool that lets you create social media graphics, presentations, invitations and more. As for tech gigs, you could work in technical business analytics, data privacy, user experience, and frontend and backend development.

X areas: Creativity, design, education

Job inspo: Meet Abbey Van De Vorst, backend software engineer at Canva

4. Telstra

This iconic Australian company powers our phone calls and internet through its massive telecommunication network. They need lots of people with cutting-edge skills in data, cloud and software engineering, as well as network technology – so there could be a place here for you after studying telecommunications or IT at TAFE, or computer science at uni.

X areas: Communications, cyber security

5. Commonwealth Bank

As Australia’s largest bank, the Commonwealth Bank employs hundreds of graduates each year. It’s big on tech too, with large teams working in engineering, data analytics, AI and cyber security on cutting-edge projects. Hear what this gig is like from a CommBank technology graduate below.

X areas: Finance, AI

New Zealand

6. Xero

Xero provides cloud accounting software for businesses and they have over three million subscribers worldwide! Their HQ is in Wellington and they pride themselves on being an authentic, inclusive and sustainable employer. They also have brilliant graduate and internship programs to help you get your foot in the door.

X areas: Business, finance

7. Halter

This Kiwi company is all about the future of farming. It designs ergonomic smart collars for cows that run on solar power. The collars are paired with an app, which allows humans to give signals to cows. The app also translates animal behaviour into data and insights for humans! Epic stuff.

X areas: Animals, environment

8. Ambit

Based in Auckland, Ambit is an AI platform that turns your content and data into human-like conversations. It’s essentially a super smart chatbot that’s a pro at customer service in industries like retail, energy and finance. Ambit is one to watch if you’re interested in machine learning or software engineering.

X areas: AI, business, resources and energy, retail

9. Serato

If you want to mix music with tech to create your dream career, apply for a job at Serato! It makes audio software that’s used by millions of DJs, producers, engineers and musicians. Serato is always on the lookout for DJs, designers, developers, mix-masters and marketers to join its Auckland team.

X areas: Creativity

10. Cogo

Cogo creates products that help small businesses, banks and individuals measure, reduce and offset their impact on the environment. It’s also on a mission to be the world’s first gigacorn – a company that can cut one gigaton (one billion tonnes) of carbon from the atmosphere each year while still making money!

X areas: Environment

This article first appeared in Careers with STEM: Technology 2023. To find more tech companies you should work for, sign up to the Careers with STEM weekly e-newsletter!

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