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Careers in health tech

health tech

From virtual reality cancer analysis to programming robot arms

Australia’s digital technology workforce is growing. In 2026, experts predict there will be more than 1.1 million technology workers across the economy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw the important role technology played in keeping us safe and healthy. And while contact-tracing apps have taken a back seat, telehealth and e-prescriptions are here to stay.

As technology advances, digital technology, data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) skills will be in demand. Tech grads will be writing apps to monitor and collect data, keeping that data safe from cyber criminals, and helping clinicians interpret it accurately and efficiently.

Healthy tech jobs

There are heaps of opportunities to combine tech skills with a career in health. Here are just a few:

AI and machine learning specialist

Doctors and other health specialists process a lot of information to make their diagnoses. AI and machine learning specialists develop tools based on clinical experience that can speed up the process of data analysis and interpretation by providing automated
analysis to be checked by medical specialists.

Healthcare data analyst

Electronic patient health information is growing by the second and data analysts with clinical smarts have an important role to play. Healthcare data analysts work in government, hospitals, insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry, so there are a lot of options!

Health app developer

Whether you’re looking for a better night’s sleep, to monitor your exercising heart rate or keep tabs on a serious medical condition, there’s an app for that. Health app developers will be in demand as we use more wearable devices to monitor patients remotely, so this is a career worth looking into.

Robotics and automation engineer

Robots can help perform precision surgery and keep an eye on vulnerable patients. They could also improve healthcare for patients in remote areas via remote ultrasounds and physical examinations. If you like the idea of working with robots, software skills are the key to programming them for specialist health applications.

Cyber security analyst

Keeping our health data safe from cyber attacks is a top priority. There’s a serious shortage of skilled cyber specialists across every industry and healthcare is no exception.

If you have an interest in outsmarting the bad guys and designing security systems to protect patients’ data, this may just be the perfect career for you.

Cloud networking specialist

There’s more to telehealth than a phone call or Zoom consultation with your GP. Cloud networking specialists work with health providers to design systems that store and share patient information, medical images and test results. And emerging technology is opening up opportunities to collaborate with app developers,

AI specialists, medical specialists and wearable tech designers to create systems that provide life-saving remote monitoring and diagnosis.

Cool health tech

Want to know how tech skills can save lives? Check out these inspiring examples:

Getting virtual

Australian researchers designed a digital platform with VR-compatible software that lets medical specialists study cancer mutations and pathogens in interactive 3D.

Digital heart

A team at the University of Sydney developed a cloud-based ‘digital heart’ that uses AI to analyse data from wearable heart sensor patches and diagnose heart conditions.

Stopping seizures

Australian startup Epiminder combined an implant with a wearable device, machine learning software and a smartphone app to monitor brainwaves and predict epileptic seizures.

Start your career here

Technology health study

  • Bachelor of Health Sciences, University of Auckland
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences (Digital Health), Flinders University
  • University Bachelor of Health Information Management, LaTrobe University
  • Bachelor of Advanced Computer Science, University of Western Australia
  • Bachelor of Science (Information Technology), UTS

    Technology health jobs
  • Information technology specialist A$54K-A$141K / NZ$49K-NZ$102K
  • App developer A$53K-A$116K / NZ$51K-NZ$95K
  • Robotics engineer A$59K-A$108K / NZ$49K-NZ$80K
  • Cyber security analyst A$54K-A$115K / NZ$51K-NZ$144K
  • Data analyst A$54K-A$107K / NZ$49K-NZ$87K*

    *Salaries according to
Careers with STEM: Technology
Careers with STEM: Technology

This article was originally published in Careers with STEM: Technology.


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