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How tech pros can help the environment

Technology and the environment

Keen on a career in technology AND the environment? You can totally merge the two! Here are three ways tech pros can use their skills to lower carbon footprints.

#1 Develop sustainably

Web developers should aim for lightweight websites as these use less energy and bandwidth, lowering the overall carbon footprint. Easy ways to do this is to link to videos instead of embedding them, scrap unnecessary images and by going mobile-first.

#2 Create an accessible UX

UX designers can play a part too. When creating an interface, content should be easy to read and navigation a cinch. This way users will load less pages and use less energy.

#3 Make planet saving apps

Coders and software engineers around the world are creating apps that promote sustainability. This is an awesome way to combine tech with your environmental passion – whether that’s recycling, fashion, food or something else entirely!

Check out the Aussies making an impact in this area…

Good On You

Ethical shopping? Sign us up. Good On You rates 3000+ fashion and beauty brands based on their impact on people, animals and the planet.


Uber for your recyclables! This app lets you book a pickup for tough to recycle items, like soft plastics and e-waste.


If you wanna reduce your impact on our oceans by eating more sustainable seafood, GoodFish has you covered with it traffic light ranking system. 

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Did you know? 

The internet currently produces approximately 3.8% of global carbon emissions, according to Sustainable Web Design.

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Technology and the environment study

  • Bachelor of Information Technology / Bachelor of Science (Earth Science), Monash University
  • Bachelor of Advanced Computing / Bachelor of Science (Environmental Studies), The University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Computer Science / Bachelor of Science (Environment), University of Wollongong

 Technology and the environment jobs

  •   Software engineer: AU$56k – $116k and NZ$51k – $106k
  •   UX designer: AU$51k – $114k and NZ$46k – $117k
  •   App developer: AU$52k – AU$111k and NZ$49k – NZ$87k*

*Source: salaries according to

Wanna hear more about technology and the environment? Check out coding for conservation and how its saving the environment with drones, satellites and artificial intelligence.

This article originally appears in Careers with STEM: Technology 2021. 

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