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ICYMI: 15 technology CVs you need to see

Technology CVs

Wondering how to score an epic job in the technology or cyber security industry?

Then take a look at the following technology CVs shared with us from STEM pros working in everything from banking and research, to cyber security and gaming.

Studying the pathways of those who have carved the way can give you heaps of insights into what to study, graduate opportunities to look out for and what it’s really like working in your chosen field once you get there.

For more on technology and cyber security careers, be sure to check out our free e-magazines, Careers with STEM: Technology and Careers with STEM: Cyber Security.

1. Security engineer

Cyber security

Frances Lee works for Google, where she helps automate workflows for the security team and also assesses the security of third parties that Google works with.

Check out her study and career journey, plus the highlights of working for one of the biggest tech giants in the world, here.

2. Associate system engineer

Tech jobs

Chris Williamson’s VET study path (which included graphic design and computer systems technology) won him a gold medal and landed him a cool gig at Kinetic IT. He’s had multiple roles, including service desk technician and major incident management, and believes having a diverse skill set has been his golden ticket.

Catch his technology CV here!

3 + 4. QA testers

A uni networking event landed QUT grads Rachel Hempenstall and Oliver Van Dyk QA tester roles at Gameloft, a computer game publisher with 18 studios worldwide, including in Brisbane.

Don’t miss this story and chance to take a peek at their study and career paths.

5. Cyber technologist

Cyber security careers

As a cyber technologist, Thomas Bienasz is responsible for providing technical and cyber defence expertise to Darktrace’s customers, including McLaren Racing, Commonwealth Bank and Bunnings.

If you’re keen on getting into cyber security, check out what Thomas studied and how he got to where he is.

6. Ethical AI researcher

Digital ethics

Bec Johnson has taken a winding career path from a degree in geology to managing a ski shop in Canada and researching cybernetic systems in large organisations. Now, she’s an AI researcher, PhD student and Google student researcher.

Take a look at her amazing CV!

7. Digital product designer

CommBank careers

Kartin Leung‘s role as a digital product designer for Commonwealth Bank is closely related to other tech roles you might have heard of: user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. As she puts it, it’s her job “to make something easy and nice for a user to use”.

Read more about how she blends tech + creativity here.

8. Research fellow

Monash University research fellow Delvin Varghese engages with non-profits and NGOs (like Oxfam and the Red Cross/Crescent), as well as local communities, to help design and develop culturally appropriate technology and digital strategies.

Come see how you can make a difference with tech + research!

9. Cyber security consultant

Cyber security careers

As a cyber security consultant for an IT company in Perth, Emily Major-Goldsmith analyses IT systems to find risks that hackers could exploit and coming up with options to stop them. But she also pursues her interests in marketing and community participation by mentoring students and writing about cyber security.

Take a look at Emily’s technology CV.

10. Cloud technologist

Natalie Piucco helps business and engineering leaders build new products or scale their business using Google Cloud technologies. She also helps businesses navigate tech and digital changes – so she has to be across a variety of tech, including AI, blockchain, data and cloud computing.

Find out more about Natalie’s pathway to Google!

11. Site reliability engineer

Say hello to Lena Wang! She undertook software engineering internships at Microsoft and Google, and is now a site reliability engineer at Google, working behind the scenes to efficiently and automatically prevent or fix any tech outages.

Study Lena’s STEM journey here.

12. Technical program manager


After landing an internal IT support role at Google and – with on-the-job and self-directed learning, plus a graduate certificate in IT – Andrew Gray‘s career has progressed to an awesome senior management role. He is now leading software engineering projects across Google’s ChromeOS.

Check out Andrew’s technology CV and get inspired.

13, 14, 15. Commonwealth Bank technology graduates

Tori Birch & Ben Sumners

Meet Tori Birch, Ben Sumners, Jackson Tait and Holly Takos, they’re all working in exciting tech and cyber roles at Commonwealth Bank and doing important things like keeping the bank safe from hackers, and working with AI.

Want to take a look at their CVs?

Cyber security careers
Tech careers
  • Tori Birch – she’s using her STEM skills, creativity and knack for communication in cyber security
  • Ben Sumners – is working on secure internet access, designing policies and guidelines for employees
  • Jackson Tait (bottom right) – he’s working on AI used in the bank’s networks
  • Holly Takos (top right) – a pro track cyclist turned cyber security graduate

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