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The A-Z of careers you should tell your child about

A-Z of careers you should tell your child about

Be the parent in the know about the best and most employable career paths around

Struggling to talk to your child about their future? You’re not alone. The best thing to do is to arm yourself with heaps of information and think about all the ways they could combine their interests, hobbies and passions with a career that’ll provide them with happiness and stability. Below, you’ll find our A-Z of careers you should tell your child about. These are ones that are already in-demand, set to boom or match up really well with other areas a lot of teens are interested in, like gaming, creativity, design, animals and communications.

We hope you find this info useful for sparking career convos. You should also check out the Careers with STEM: Parents Portal for more ideas and info, and sign up to our parents e-newsletter to stay up-to-date with all things STEM study and careers.

Exciting and employable careers

Use these to strike up a chat or simply share this article with your child!

A is for automation engineer

Artificial intelligence (AI) study opportunities and career paths are on the rise. AI technologies are key to building a stronger Australia, and to make that happen, we need AI-focussed technology graduates and skilled people.

Download our free Robotics & Automation Engineer Job Kit to learn more.

B is for business analyst

If your child has their heart set on studying a business degree after school, they might want to consider mixing it with STEM to make them even more employable. Business analysts use their specialised data, tech, problem-solving and creative thinking skills to solve modern business problems. They assist businesses by gathering information, analysing data and making recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness – particularly during big changes like digital transformation and automation.

Download our free Business Analyst Job Kit to learn more.

C is for conservation biologist

Jobs in conservation are as diverse as the career pathways to get skilled up! By studying biodiversity and conservation biology at uni, your child could end up tracking toads, protecting our national parks or curating museum exhibits – all in an average day.

Download our free Conservation Biologist Job Kit to learn more.

D is for design engineer

An estimated 83% of engineering graduates across Australia find employment after uni. The engineering sector is expected to grow more than 30% in the next 10 years with design focussed engineers being a big part of that.

Download our Design Engineer Job Kit to learn more.

E is for electrical engineer

Electrical engineers quite literally run the world. They use their advanced maths and physics smarts to power our homes, classrooms, cities and satellites – designing and managing both large and small-scale systems that transmit energy and process information.

Download our free Electrical Engineer Job Kit to learn more.

F is for future energy specialist

Future energy specialists are engineers, physicists, chemists, nano-materials specialists, founders and researchers working to change the way we use and create energy. Australia is at the forefront of sustainable energy production and progressing fast, and your child could be part of this exciting field! 

Download our Future Energy Specialist Job Kit to learn more.

G is for game designer and developer

Perfect for the kids obsessed with videogames! Gaming tech is so much more than just entertainment, with applications in fields ranging from medicine to defence. It’s an exciting and creative STEM field to be in.

Download our Game Designer and Developer Job Kit to learn more.

H is for health specialist

Has your child always been fascinated by where food comes from and how it fuels the body? Is health their passion and do they want to work in science one day? A nutrition science study and career path would be an ideal choice then!

Download our Nutrition Scientist Job Kit to learn more.

I is for information security analyst

Cyber security jobs are set to grow by 33% by 2030, much faster than other careers. So not only will your child be super employable by having a cyber security degree under their belt, they’ll also be ready to work in a range of different industries. Think: banking, Defence, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and more.

Download our Information Security Analyst Job Kit to learn more.

J is for journalist

Have a budding writer at home? Combining a communications degree with a science one could make them more employable, and have them writing about scientific discoveries and important messages for a variety of different audiences and mediums.

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K is for kids speech pathologist

There is a huge demand for more speechies and it’s a career that makes a big difference! As a kids speech pathologist, your teen could someday help young people with communication and swallowing difficulties.

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L is for landscape architect

Many of our biggest challenges will require better, smarter, more sustainable buildings and spaces – your child could be part of bringing the solutions to life. Roles in this space include architect, landscape architect or interior architect. Great for kids who are into design and construction.

Download our free Place Makers Job Kit to learn more.

M is for machine learning engineer

If computer science AND data science both sound like fun to your child, they can mix them together and become a machine learning engineer. It’s a fast-growing field of engineering that’ll land them a job in all kinds of industries. Think health, agriculture, digital retail and more.

Download our free Machine Learning Engineer Job Kit to learn more.

N is for nurse

According to the Department of Health and Aged Care, there are currently 54,100 enrolled nurses and 303,000 registered nurses in Australia… But we need more. And with nursing, your child can travel, work part-time and specialise in a field they’re drawn to.

Download our free Nurse Job Kit to learn more.

O is for out of this world career

Is you child looking for a STEM career that’s out of this world? Have they always been fascinated with telescopes and the nighty sky? Do they want to use space technologies to improve lives on Earth? Or just look for alien life? A space career could be perfect. And don’t worry, there are plenty of space gigs they won’t need to leave Earth to do!

Download our free Space & Defence Specialist Job Kit to learn more.

P is for programmer

Programmer or software developers make the technology we use every day – think: apps on our smartphones, programs we use on our computers and even the tech in our cars. They help make things work better and make our lives easier and more fun. They can also work in a wide range of industries like banking and insurance, health, retail, business, and tech companies.

Download our Software Developer Job Kit to learn more.

Q is for quantum artificial intelligence specialist

This is an expert in merging quantum computing with artificial intelligence to build more advanced AI systems. Quantum and AI are two humungous growth areas so definitely worth looking into!

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R is for renewable energy engineer

Switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy will require the very best humanity has to offer in innovation, ingenuity, effort and cooperation. The good news? We’re doing it, and that means job opportunities galore for your child if they want to be part of the revolution.

Download our free Renewable Energy Engineer Job Kit to learn more.

S is for STEM educator

Is your child keen on becoming a teacher? Australia currently needs more skilled up STEM educators! As a STEM educator, they’ll inspire and nurture hundreds of people, equipping them with crucial problem-solving and critical thinking skills that will ultimately make our world a better place.

Download our free STEM Educator Job Kit to learn more.

T is for technologist in nuclear medicine

Nuclear medicine is an important field that uses small amounts of radioactive materials to create images of the inside of the body to diagnose diseases. And the demand for skilled nuclear medicine scientists and technologists? Growing faster than there are job-ready graduates!

Download our free Nuclear Medicine Scientist/Technologist Job Kit to learn more.

U is for UI or UX designer

These are the people responsible for making websites, apps and products look good and easy to use! This is an awesome path for anyone interested in technology and art.

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V is for VR developer

This is a good path for anyone interested in virtual reality (VR) and future technologies. If that sounds like your child, introduce them to the metaverse – the next generation of the web! Jobs in the metaverse include VR and AR developers and programmers, data scientists and analysts, blockchain engineers, and AI specialists working in machine learning.

Download our free Metaverse Engineer Job Kit to learn more.

W is for weather forecaster

Or a meteorologist! They use specialised scientific techniques to understand what’s going on with the weather, and will be even more critical as the effects of climate change set in even further.

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X is for x-ray expert

You might also know these professionals as radiographers or radiologists. These medical imaging professionals operate X-ray and imaging equipment to diagnose, monitor and treat patients.

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Y is for youth psychologist

If your teen is interested in a career that combines care and science, psychology is this one!

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Z is for zoologist

An amazing path for the animal obsessed – they get to work with furry, feathery and scaled friends all the time! A zoologist studies the origin, development, behaviours and habitats of different living species.

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For more on helping your child with their future career, head to the Careers with STEM: Parents Portal  – a hub for parents or carers wanting to nurture their teen into a rewarding and successful career.


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