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The A-Z of health jobs

The A-Z of Health Jobs

Wondering where a health science or related degree could take you? Kick off your career research with this A to Z list – which barely even scratches the surface of all the health jobs out there!

A is for Audiologist

Identify, assess and manage hearing and balance disorders.

B is for Biomedical scientist

Do lab tests to help docs diagnose and treat people. Check out the study and career path of Dr Richard Charlesworth, a biomedical scientist studying gluten and celiac disease.

Download our FREE Biomedical Scientist Job Kit – your introduction to becoming a biomedical scientist. Meet real-life role models, discover study pathways and next steps. 

C is for Cardiologist

Diagnose and treat heart disease and abnormalities. Dr Clara Chow is a cardiologist and digital health expert – find out how she keeps her patients heart-healthy.

D is for Dietician

Be an expert in nutrition and human diet. Meet Tim Cassettari, an accredited dietician. 

E is for Epidemiologist

Study disease and health at the population level. Meet public health researcher and epidemiologist, Helen Ramsey

F is for Forensic scientist

Collect, interpret and analyse evidence related to crimes. Not strictly health science but there’s a big overlap in skills and bodily fluids! Take a look at Dr Kari Pitts’ study and career path in forensic science.

G is for Genetic counsellor

Help patients understand and cope with genetic conditions.

H is for Health information manager

Plan, manage and maintain health information systems including patient records

I is for Infectious disease expert

Treat patients with rare infections.

Discover 6 pandemic-fighting STEM careers in public health

J is for Journalist

A science communicator or a journalist specialising in health-related news.

K is for Kid’s health specialist

Also known as a paediatrician. That’s what Dr Valerie Sung does! Why not have a read about how she’s using her STEM smarts to improve the lives of children with congenital hearing loss.  

L is for Lab technician

Work in pathology labs to help doctors and scientists diagnose and treat disease.

M is for Molecular geneticist

Detect, analyse and interpret disease-linked genetic abnormalities.

N is for Nuclear medicine technologist

Use radioactive materials to diagnose physiological and metabolic changes within the body and treat diseases. Meet STEM experts working in nuclear medicine

Download our FREE Nuclear Medicine Scientist/Technologist Job Kit and super-charge your future with insights, information and advice on careers in nuclear medicine!

O is for Ophthalmologist

Identify and treat eye disorders and diseases. Say hello to Kristopher Rallah-Baker is Australia’s first Indigenous ophthalmologist. He’s breaking new ground for Aboriginal health and showing kids their potential.

P is for Prosthetist

Make and fit artificial limbs (prostheses) for people who have a disability. Intrigued? Here’s everything you need to know about a STEM career in prosthetics.

Q is for Quality and risk coordinator

Ensure practices are safe and up to standard in a hospital or medical setting – saving patients’ lives and hospitals from lawsuits! Annabel Plat is a Health Information Manager at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Find out how she got there and what her job is all about.

R is for Radiation therapist

Draft, plan and execute radiation treatment for cancer patients. Meet Natalie Peck, who is studying a Bachelor of Radiation Therapy at QUT.

S is for Sports and exercise scientist

Study how the human body works during sports and exercise to promote health and performance. Find your STEM + Sports career

T is for Toxicologist

Study the adverse effects of chemical substances on living organisms (and humans!)

U is for Urologist

Specialise in the study and treatment of the urinary system.

V is for Vaccine scientist

Prevent or cure diseases by attempting to develop, trial and execute effective immunisation programs.

Meet STEM + Health career role models

W is for Ward assistant

Get exposure to the hospital environment before you graduate or commit to a career in the health sector – you’ll assist hospital staff with non-medical duties such as transporting patients. Find out how to fast-track your path into healthcare with a traineeship

X is for X-Ray specialist

OK so they’re actually called radiologists – but there aren’t many words that start with X, and X-Ray specialist really does a better job of explaining what these peeps do (although the equipment they use extends to other medical imaging devices including MRI and CT scanners).

Y is for Youth mental health expert

A mental health professional – such as a psychologist or counsellor – working specifically with young people.

Z is for Zoo veterinarian

Humans aren’t the only animals that get sick! Zoo vets provide medical treatment to the many species of animals kept at zoos.

Test your new knowledge with our quiz: Can you guess these health careers?

Looking for even more health jobs? Check out these five awesome jobs you could get with a health science degree.

This article originally appeared in Careers with STEM: Science 2021

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