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The A-Z of medical careers

Medical careers

Is a medical STEM gig calling your name? You’ve landed at the right place.

From allied health assistants to zZzZz (a.k.a. sleep!) technicians, here’s a list of medical careers that all use STEM skills.

Can you think of any others? Leave them in the comments below!

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A is for Allied Health Assistant

They support health professionals by managing the admin side of patient care, like organising appointments and records. Meet allied health assistant, Jennifer Myers, who undertook a school-based traineeship in Allied Health Assistance at school and is now carving out her own cool medical career path.

B is for Biomedical Engineer

Combines their knowledge of medical science and engineering to come up with solutions that improve patients’ lives. Biomedical engineer, Trina Majumdar, is engineering a better way for bones to heal!

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C is for Community Pharmacist

Dispenses prescriptions and gives advice on medications and general healthcare.

D is for Dentist

Diagnoses and treats dental issues, and advises patients on how they can care for their teeth.

E is for Engineer

They can develop lifesaving medical devices. Dr Noushin Nasiri is doing just that – she’s working on a mobile breathalyser for detecting disease.

F is for Family Practice Physician

Also known as a general practitioner. They care for patients of all ages and can diagnose health concerns.

G is for Gynaecologist

Specialises in women’s health.

H is for Head and Neck Surgeon

A.k.a. an otolaryngologist! These medical experts treat conditions of the ear, nose, throat, head and neck.

I is for Immunologist

Researches the immune system to work out how the human body fights disease. Check out the CV of immunologist Rebecca Abbott who is on a mission to find treatments and cures for brain cancer.

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J is for Junior Research Assistant

Help medical professionals by gathering and analysing data. They also conduct experiments.

K is for Knee Surgeon

Commonly referred to as an orthopaedic surgeon. They treat and rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries and diseases.

L is for Laboratory Phlebotomist

Not for the squeamish! These pros draw and process blood samples.

M is for Medical Information Officer

Develops plans to integrate information technology systems into medical departments and other healthcare settings. Dr Kudzai Kanhutu is a deputy medical information officer and a health data hero who is passionate about using data to improve the way care is delivered in hospitals and address major gaps in equality.

N is for Neonatologist

Provides care for newborn babies who are premature or unwell.

O is for Optometrist

Diagnoses vision issues or eye disorders, and can dispense glasses and contact lenses for patients.

P is for Physiotherapist

Rehabilitates patients with physical problems caused by illness, injury, disability or ageing. This is done through targeted exercises. Say hello to Christian de Cos, a physiotherapy student who is using health science to score goals for Indigenous communities.

Q is for Qualified Medical Practitioner

A physician or surgeon who has legal qualifications to practise medicine.

R is for Radiochemist

Makes therapeutic radiopharmaceutical products to treat human diseases, like cancer. Take a look at Nigel Lengkeek‘s STEM pathway to becoming a senior radiochemist at ANSTO.

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S is for Speech Pathologist

Studies, diagnoses and treats speech and language disorders.

T is for Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists listen to voice recordings made by health professionals and turn them into reports.

U is for Ultrasound Technologist

Uses specialised equipment to examine parts of the body, like the abdomen, heart and reproductive system.

V is for Veterinarian

Looks after the health of animals. This includes treating and preventing disease and injury. Keen on a STEM + animals career? Follow in the footsteps of Hannah Passmore, who works as a vet at an animal emergency centre in Adelaide.

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W is for Ward Nurse

Provides care and treatment to patients staying on a hospital ward.

X is for X-Ray Technician

Or radiographers! They operate x-ray machines and take medical images that are then sent on to doctors and/or radiologists to examine.

Y is for Youth Psychologist

Works with children and teenagers to diagnose mental health conditions, and develops treatment plans to help them.

Z is for zZzZz Technician

Or, you know, a sleep technician! They perform sleeps tests to understand and treat sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

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