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The Buzz About STEM returns to talk jobs of the future

Our podcast, The Buzz About STEM, is for parents who want to help their teens navigate the journey into study or work after school. In this episode, we discuss the jobs of the future.

In this first episode of Season 2, Refraction Media Co-founder Heather Catchpole joins new Careers with STEM Managing Editor Charis Palmer to reflect on the current artificial intelligence boom and what parents can do to help their children prepare for a world of rapidly evolving career options.

“Jobs are becoming diverse and complicated and some are really specialised,” says Heather. “So it just really helps students to see people close to their age to understand a little bit more about all the different pathways, and how others got into their jobs.”

Listen to the podcast for more on what the experts say the jobs of the future will be, and what students can do now to prepare.


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