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The most popular STEM career paths according to Careers with STEM readers

School subject choice can be tricky for Year 10 students.

Careers with STEM’s high school readers dream of internships at NASA and would love a job that combines work in an office with something outdoors

More than 3,000 Careers with STEM readers have completed our STEM + X quiz and we thought you might like to see the most popular answers!

The quiz is designed to help students see the many careers STEM education can lead to. The X could be a passion, an interest, another subject or a big opportunity. As we always say, STEM is a foundation, not a destination

The S in STEM is up top with Careers with STEM readers, with 10.1% of quiz responders saying science is their favourite school subject, followed by tech, engineering and maths at 8.7% and art, music and drama at 8.5%.

You can find more inspiration on careers in science, along with real people living their science career dreams here.

Our audience are also pretty creative, with 12.7% drawing, playing music or gaming in their spare time. If STEM + creativity is your thing then you’ll love these stories:

When we ask how they want their career to make an impact, more than a third (37.1%) say they want to create cutting-edge tech that makes the world a better place. And a big chunk (28.6%) want to help communities in need, while 18.3% want their career to help protect the environment. STEM + Health is also a calling for many people, with 16% saying they want to help save lives with medical expertise.

STEM + Health careers are growing rapidly, and you can read all about them in our latest Careers with STEM: Health edition.

More than one in 10 (11.5%) of Careers with STEM’s high school readers say their dream internship is at NASA, while 9% say it’s in a university research department.

And…drum are the top 10 STEM + X results:

  1. Space (13.9%)
  2. Social good (11.8%)
  3. Animals (10%)
  4. Health (8.6%)
  5. Defence (6.6%)
  6. Language and Culture (6%)
  7. Quantum (5.8%)
  8. Sports (5.4%)
  9. Creativity (5%)
  10. Environment (4.3%)

Take the quiz!

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