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The Sydney school getting students ready for a STEM career from Year 10

Westbourne College Sydney is preparing to open to Year 10 students, and with its strong focus on STEM offers a unique pathway to a fulfilling career

Starting STEM as young as possible is one of the best ways a child can prepare for an exciting and rewarding career. One Sydney school is working hard to prepare younger students for the global STEM stage.

Sydney’s STEM-centric high school Westbourne College will from January 2024 open its doors to Year 10 students, which should be welcome news to parents.

“Year 10 will springboard students into the IB Diploma Programme by providing them with a strong and broad subject-specific knowledge base, plus the development of valuable skills and study habits,” says Dr Kristie Spence, Westbourne College Principal.

At Westbourne, Year 11 and 12 students complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB Diploma) as an alternative to the Higher School Certificate (HSC). 

However with an emphasis on STEM, students at Westbourne choose two science subjects, as opposed to the one they would normally do for the IB Diploma.

The IB, developed in Geneva, has a strong emphasis on encouraging critical thinking to solve problems. It’s designed to help students better engage with people in our increasingly globalised, rapidly changing world.

And Westbourne College students don’t have to wait to graduate to be exposed to STEM facilities at some of Australia’s best universities. They gain hands-on experience by conducting experiments in world class university laboratories including UTS Science Superlabs, UNSW and University of Sydney.

Westbourne College Sydney students get access to world class university labs

Westbourne also has a growing international network with a new college in Singapore opening in August 2023, helping students forge friendships that can turn into global networks with industry colleagues around the world when they start out in their career.

“From day one, students are treated with the same respect as STEM industry colleagues,” says Dr Kristie Spence.

The college offers a co-educational, open plan business environment where teachers are addressed by first names, and instead of school uniforms, students wear smart business attire. All of these measures are designed to foster professional rapport, open communication and teamwork among students and staff.

With local and global opportunities throughout their time at Westbourne, students are encouraged to help drive their own future in STEM.

This post is brought to you in partnership with Westbourne College Sydney.

Interested in enrolling your child? Contact Karmun or Bec in Westbourne’s Admissions team or call 02  8088 0719 to start the conversation before it’s too late! Applications are open from students currently in Year 9 or 10.  Limited places available.

Scholarships are available and all students, especially girls, who are highly passionate about STEM are encouraged to express their interest.


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