The STEM quizzes you loved in 2021

STEM quizzes

You might have noticed that here at Careers with STEM, we love a quiz!

And it seems you all do too. We had thousands of people take our fun STEM quizzes this year, helping them work out everything from changing uni preferences to what kind of programmer they should be. Below, we count down the top five STEM quizzes of 2021!

5. Are you a future entrepreneur?

This entrepreneurship quiz for students will tell you whether you’ve got the grit and determination of a future entrepreneur, or whether you’re suited to a (just as successful!) nine-to-five instead.

4. Which area of tech should you study?

Unsure about what your future tech career could look like? Our tech study and career quiz is here to help with study hints and job areas to explore!

3. What’s your STEM career?

This classic STEM quiz helps you decide what career in science, tech, engineering or maths you can combine with your passion.

2. Which area of engineering should you study?

Will you be designing and building new transport systems and future cities? Or will you be using chemical engineering in medical technology, or maybe engineering the hardware behind computers and tech?

This quiz will help you to decide which area of engineering you should study, and put you on your way to an awesome engineering career.

1. Which area of science should you study?

Choosing a Bachelor of Science specialisation can be super difficult. What’s the difference between Physics, Biology and Chemistry anyway? We’ve simplified your choice with our science career quiz.

Looking for more quizzes?

Head on over to the Careers with STEM quiz hub. Here we have stacks of quizzes covering all the letters in STEM, as well as trivia and general study and careers quizzes that are perfect to do when you want to bust your boredom on the weekend or during the school holidays.

Some more of our favourites include:

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