Christmas, sorted: The ultimate STEM-themed gift guide

Stock up on STEM-mas merch, and you'll totally win Secret Santa! Image: Shutterstock

Stumped on what to gift a fellow STEM lover? Here’s a list of fun – and affordable – Christmas-winning ideas.

If you’re stoked on science, tech, engineering and maths, chances are you have family and friends who feel the same. Which seems simple come Christmas, until you realise there’s an Internet full of potential STEM-themed gifts that makes deciding on anything –mug, tote or pin? – a major mission.

We spent all day geeking out over potential presents, so you can concentrate on other things – like making DIY bon bons stuffed with bad STEM jokes. Warning: you may end up buying two of everything because, research.

1. For your Secret Santa … a witty tote bag

If your like-minded uni/school/work crew are doing the whole pull-a-name-out-of-a-hat-and-buy-them-a-gift thing, the pressure is on to find something that’s a) fun and b) under budget. A tote is universally useful – something to rock while you lug around textbooks, or groceries. Plus, they’re cheap. And in the case of this one, clever.

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I Use This Bag Periodically tote bag, $16.95.

2. For your keen-to-code little cousin… Ready, Set, Code! 

Have a fam member who’s been meaning to get clued up on the language of the future? This book is basically a pocked-sized computer science teacher – packed with illustrated instructions, simple app-building tools and hands-on coding project ideas. Written by co-founder of Careers with STEM Heather Catchpole, it’ll have you talking Scratch before the Christmas pudding comes out! Pre-order your copy here.

Ready, Set, Code!, $29.99

3. For your STEMinist mate… an enamel pin

This Aussie-based Etsy store features a curation of inspiring pins that act as mini enamel cheerleaders! For a STEM mad mate we can’t go past the black-on-rose STEMinist stud which can be shipped straight to them with a note for no extra cost.

STEMENist enamel pin, $10.

4. For your engineer parents … a novelty mug

If STEM careers run in your fam, coffees with a dash of science humour are a morning no-brainer. This cute ceramic mug is parental gift-giving goals – and there are stacks of others to choose from if you want to create a set.

Trust Me I’m an Engineer mug, $13.50.

5. For your whole science-loving family… a Careers with STEM subscription

subscribe to careers with STEM
Careers with STEM subscription, $19.80.

Win Christmas for under $20! We may be a little bias, but a magazine packed with STEM study and career inspiration arriving at the door every few months has to be the ultimate present. In fact it’s basically the gift of a killer career, right?

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6. For that mate who’s always cracking bad STEM jokes… a funny t-shirt

Overeating t-shirt, $22.50.

These soft cotton tees are an awesome gift for a friend who likes to wear their passions on their sleeves, literally. They come in a stack of different colours, there are loads of silly slogans to choose from and we love that they’re unisex.

7. For someone special who wants to study again… The University of Sydney: Centre for Continuing education voucher

This is a cool one for your entire fam to go in on! If you have a loved one keen to pick up some more STEM skills, the University of Sydney’s Centre for Continuing Education (CCC) have Christmas-themed gift vouchers redeemable across a range of their courses. They’re valid for three years too – so can be put on hold if 2020 doesn’t suit.

Centre for Continuing Education voucher, value up to you.

8. For your curious cousins, nieces and nephews… Under the Stars: Astrophysics for Bedtime 

Under the Stars: Astrophysics for Bedtime, $39.99.

Have a younger cousin, friend, sibling, niece or nephew curious about the solar-system? Written by award-winning astronomer and Women in STEM Ambassador Lisa Harvey-Smith, Under The Stars has the answers to every single “why?” question a kid would ask about space and the universe.

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Cassie Steel

Author: Cassie Steel

As Refraction’s digital editor, Cassie Steel spends her days researching robots and stalking famous scientists on Twitter.


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