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ANSTO’s 2023 Think Science! competition results

Think Science Competition

Oh how we love a science competition! Check out the results from the first ever Think Science! comp by ANSTO

The Think Science! competition gave Australian students in Year 3 to 10 the chance to develop and show off their awesome science inquiry skills. For this comp, students worked in teams of two to four to perform an investigation at school. In a short video presentation they then explained their process and findings, highlighting their creativity throughout the investigation. Over 40 schools took part with lots of amazing ideas on display. So cool!

Entries were judged against published criteria, addressing the five science inquiry skills in the Australian Curriculum.

Congrats to all the Think Science! competition winners (a.k.a. brilliant science communicators in the making!) who scored epic prizes for their schools! Check out the first place entries below, and think about signing up for the 2024 Think Science! competition.

Years 3-4 winning entries

PlaceSchoolStateInvestigation titleTeam members
1stMurray Farm Public SchoolNSWDoes the size of the paper plane affect the velocity of it?Anika, Catherine, Monica, Raina
2ndMurray Farm Public SchoolNSWDoes the type of bread affect mould growth?Alice, Jennifer, Jingxi
3rdMuhammadiyah Australia CollegeVICWhich liquid would make the plants the healthiest?Maha, Maryam, Roqia, Samar
Highly CommendedMurray Farm Public SchoolNSWDoes the thickness of a material affect the amount of static it creates?Caleb, Josiah, Tei Yun

View the winning entry here!

Years 5-6 winning entries

PlaceSchoolStateInvestigation titleTeam members
1stSecret Harbour Primary SchoolWAGnamma HolesHeath, Scarlett, Tahlia
2ndIllawarra Christian SchoolNSWWill different spices in soil affect how tall grass will grow?Claire, Keira, Luke, Rhys
3rdEsperance Primary SchoolWAElectric scienceIsla, Kyle
Highly CommendedCentral Coast Grammar SchoolNSWThe Hot Wheels experimentDaegan, Jai, Sam

View the winning entry here!

Years 7-8 winning entries

PlaceSchoolStateInvestigation titleTeam members
1stHeatherton Christian CollegeVICThe growth of bacteriaAlice, Hannah, Nathan
2ndBurdekin Catholic High School   QLDLight colour and shallot growthGabriella, Mary-Ella, Isabella
3rdLyneham High SchoolACTCrash severity and ramp angleJesse, Nomon, Somon, Tyler
Highly CommendedLyneham High SchoolACTLiquid type and evaporationLara, Tra

View the winning entry here!

Years 9-10 winning entries

PlaceSchoolStateInvestigation titleTeam members
1stEngadine High SchoolNSWThe effect of the temperature on the luminosity of glow sticksBayden, Emma, Isabelle, Tiana
2ndBlacktown Girls High SchoolNSWThe effect of different pH levels on the activity of enzymes (Catalase)Anushka, Likhita
3rdRyan Catholic CollegeQLDHow does the colour of light affect the growth of Dendrobium Discolour Bromfieldii?Charli, Cody, Paige, Ross
Highly CommendedEngadine High SchoolNSWPaper helicoptersChristian, Romy

View the winning entry here!

Rural or remote area winning entries 

In 2023 Think Science! offered prizes for rural and remote area schools. The rural and remote area prizes applied to schools from towns with a population of 5000 or less and more than 50 km from the nearest town with a population of 10,000 or more.

Year groupSchoolState/TerritoryInvestigation titleTeam members
3-4The Risk Public School   NSWDo macroinvertebrates affect water quality?Breanna, Kaliber, Mia, Tonya
7-8Coomandook Area SchoolSAMagnet investigationCody, Dylan, Henry, Max
7-8Kintore Street SchoolNTCrystal growing, gummy bears, teeth/bones in liquid.Cale, Donna, Harrison, Joshaun, Kayna, Lethan, Sam

If you or your school would like to take part in the 2024 Think Science! competition, head on over here and fill out the expression of interest form.

To keep up to date on STEM opportunities for your school, sign up to the Careers with STEM e-newsletter!

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