Top 5 favourite profiles of 2017

Who were the most peeped profiles of 2017? We’ve rounded them up for you… and they all happen to be amazing women in STEM! Have a look back over the STEM stars you loved for 2018 career inspiration.

1. Bella Tipping, Kidzcationz entrepreneur

“I want to change the way kids travel. I want restaurant owners to look beyond the chicken nuggets and chips on the kids menu and to make sure there venue is fun for all ages.”

Google STEP intern

2. Tamina Pitt, Google STEP intern.

“I’m an Indigenous woman, and my goal is to have a positive impact on the Indigenous community. I know I can use my ideas to benefit Indigenous people and improve quality of life for all.”

campaign manager

3. Talia Elchah, Campaign Manager at Commbank.

“I’m passionate about breaking down complex ideas into simple steps, and I get to do this every day, working with different people. When I see the “aha” moment on their faces, it’s an amazing feeling.”

4. Aadeeba Mou, Cybersecurity consultant at PwC Australia

“If anyone out there wants to learn about cyber security, tech or computer science, I’d recommend starting as early as you can. There are heaps of helpful resources, websites and competitions out there, so never be afraid to ask.”

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5. Women in STEM

A page dedicated to all our favourite women in STEM. Click through for an inspiring list of women kicking butt in science, tech, health, maths – just about every career you can think of. We’ve profiled 50 women so far… but this is just the beginning.

Head to our profiles page to see everyone we’ve covered!

Eliza Brockwell

Author: Eliza Brockwell

Eliza is passionate about creating content that encourages diversity of representation in STEM.


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