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Top career tips from women in STEM

They’re doing everything from advising governments to making Netflix series, so if you’re thinking about a career in STEM, these women in STEM know how to get there

Try everything

Brooke Jamieson

“There are so many resources and programs out there for people wanting to learn… don’t be afraid to have a go!” 

Brooke Jamieson, senior developer advocate, Amazon Web Services 

Keep asking questions

“Follow your passion and curiosity for all things science as that is the most important quality to succeed.” 

Emily Calandrelli, science communicator / Netflix producer

Sarah Pearce

Find the right workplace

“As I’ve worked in different jobs, I’ve always tried to choose places I knew were supportive not just of women, but their staff in general. My advice would be to find an organisation that is flexible and really values what you do.” 

Dr Sarah Pearce, SKA Low Telescope Director, SKA Observatory


Victoria Metcalf

“Seek out volunteer opportunities in your community to try out STEM and see what interests you. It might be restoring a stream, tracking where bats live, helping create dark sky reserves or doing online citizen science like looking at satellite photos to count how many penguins are in a colony.” 

Dr Victoria Metcalf, scientist and science communicator

Learn to code

Lauren Vargo

“Take an introductory computer programming class. Even if this isn’t the area within STEM you’re keen to study, having some basic programming knowledge can speed up and improve scientific workflow and analysis, and open doors to using new methods or techniques.”

Dr Lauren Vargo, research fellow, Victoria University of Wellington

Seek out experience

Kira Rundel

“Find people that inspire you and ask them how they got to where they are now. People love to share their stories, especially with young, enthusiastic minds.” 

Dr Kira Rundel, commercial manager, RayGen

Be curious

Kirsten Deuss

“Your wildest dreams can’t predict the opportunities that will arise from putting yourself out there and trying something new. Ignore the imposter syndrome – you can achieve great things through determination, perseverance and kindness. More of us are contending with imposter syndrome than you think, and we won’t be shaking it off completely, ever!” 

Dr Kirstin Deuss, soil scientist, Manaaki Whenua

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