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Hire up! Meet today’s top cyber security employers

Cyber security employers

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world – we’re talking 57% in the last year according to AustCyber.

With cyber crimes costing Australian organisations around $3 million for every hack or breach, businesses everywhere are looking to bring in the people with the skills to protect them. A job in cyber security doesn’t just mean working for banks or the government, there are plenty of opportunities in transport, communications and even big brands like Tesla and Apple! Roles include cyber security specialists, consultants, technicians and security architects. The Australian economy will need around 18,000 new employees by 2027, so there’s no shortage of cyber security employers. Need more proof? Read on…

Cyber security employers

Cyber security employers - QANTASTransport: QANTAS

Fun fact: QANTAS uses work simulations to prepare employees for cyber risks and keep awareness up-to-date. 

QANTAS is Australia’s leading airline. Cyber crimes against the airline could cause data breaches or in-flight interruptions. A career in QANTAS’ cyber security will require preventing hacks and strengthening any weaknesses in the airline’s armour. 

Communications: Telstra

Fun fact: Telstra has plenty of helpful tips about staying safe while using devices on their website, including how to detect scams.

Australia’s biggest telco, Telstra provides almost 25 million Aussies with services such as internet, mobile data and more. Telstra also sells cyber security software, including antivirus software that provides security for devices across their network. Working in cyber security at Telstra could mean using skills in sales, communications or marketing as well.

Public administration and safety: Australian Cyber Security Centre

Fun fact: The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) helps around six businesses a day respond to cyber security incidents.

The ACSC educates and advises families and businesses on how to protect their information and technology. Their social media pages offer links to articles, and provide bite-sized pieces of information to help people learn to protect themselves. Comms is another essential part of cyber security when you work here.

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Cyber security employers - AFPPublic administration and safety: Australian Federal Police

Fun fact: The Australian Federal Police (AFP) are part of a group of organisations that have created the ThinkUKnow Program to educate young and old people on being safe with their technology.

The AFP detect, prevent, disrupt, respond and enforce the law when cybercrimes are committed. They also investigate attacks on the government and banks, assisting state and local police.

Financial: ANZ Bank

Fun fact: ANZ blocks around 12 million deceitful emails per month.

ANZ is one of the four big banks of Australia and the leading bank of New Zealand. ANZ has around 9 million customers worldwide, all of which need protection against cyber crimes, especially fraud and phishing emails. 

Manufacturing: Boeing

Fun fact: Boeing has recently partnered with Microsoft to experiment with their artificial intelligence (AI) to improve efficiency in their products.

Known for producing its world-famous planes, Boeing is an American company that also creates satellites, missiles and telecommunications equipment. Cyber security is essential to defend information that’s gathered and spread throughout the satellites and telecommunications equipment. 

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Manufacturing and technology: Tesla

Fun fact: Tesla has over 20,000 electric car chargers around the world and they need cyber protection. 

Tesla is known for their electric cars and for founder Elon Musk’s stake in the space race. Tesla also builds clean-energy generators and self-driving cars. Because of the threat of hackers taking control of self-driving cars, Tesla issues cyber security updates frequently and they need the manpower too. 

Cyber security employers - AppleTechnology: Apple

Fun fact: In 2017, online recruitment platform, Indeed ranked Apple first in US companies hiring cyber security professionals. 

Apple is like the celeb of tech companies. Producing smartphones, laptops and other information technology – protecting user data and sensitive company data through cyber security is crucial for Apple.

Technology: Atlassian

Fun fact: Atlassian’s 1% Foundation pledges 1% of equity, product, profit and employee time to charitable causes, and have helped over 250,000 children access education. 

Atlassian develops products for software developers such as project trackers and issue management. Because of their wide customer use and sensitive project content they have a strict cyber security system.

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Technology: Cybernetic GI

Fun fact: As cyber security experts, Cybernetic GI works with companies around the globe, including operations in Europe, USA and New Zealand.

Cybernetic GI is an Australian company based in Brisbane that offers cyber security packages to businesses. Their services include risk assessment, penetration testing, wireless testing and information security awareness.

Technology: Penten

Fun fact: Penten has a range of partners in the secure tech field, including CSIRO, UNSW Canberra and Apple’s Consultant Network.

Penten is a cyber technology business based in the ACT that provides software and hardware products to a range of clients. Penten works with the Australian government in order to create new security and defence products. 

Technology: Stickman

Fun fact: Stickman produces a webinar almost every month, with keynote speakers such as an ex-US Homeland Security employee, a health and wellness speaker and the CEO of a company in India.

Stickman is a Sydney-based cyber security firm that offers solutions, services and security systems to customers looking to protect their businesses. They focus on a five-step model – define, plan, execute, report and monitor – to perfect their security model.

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Keen to work for one of the top cyber security employers?

Hear from three real-life STEM professionals busting myths and swapping pathway stories about cyber security careers.

Get the insider deers from Associate Professor and creator of ACA’s School Cyber Security Challenges James Curran, Digital Forensics Expert at The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) Shanis Lovin and TAFE grad, actor and engineer at Palo Alto Networks Jason Spindlow.

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