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The top master’s degrees in 2024

Top Master’s Degrees In 2024

The results are in and there’s a huge trend to take note of…

There are so many great reasons to do a master’s degree. Maybe you want to specialise in a certain area of what you’ve previously studied, get ready for study at a doctoral level, or want a career change. There are heaps of advantages, including everything from earning around 35% more in terms of salary and helping you bag a promotion at work. A master’s degree can also make you more employable. A survey by Quality Indicators of Learning and Teaching revealed that 93.3% of coursework postgrads are employed (compared to 88.3% of undergrads).

If this is something you’re thinking of pursuing, you might be interested to know what others are choosing to study at this level. Below, we’ve rounded up the top master’s degrees in 2024, thanks to data from UAC. Can you spot the trend? We’ll discuss after the list!

Top master’s degrees in 2024

1. Master of Clinical Psychology, Charles Sturt University

2. Master of Clinical Psychology, Macquarie University

3. Master of Professional Psychology (with Specialisation), Charles Sturt University

4. Master of Teaching (Secondary) (CSP), UNSW

5. Master of Public Health (CSP), UNSW

Let’s talk about health

From the list above, we can see that people are extremely interested in adding health expertise to their wheelhouse. STEM + health is a fantastic mix, and if this is an area that speaks to you, take a look at our health careers hub, read our latest issue of Careers with STEM: Health, and take the following quiz.

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The A-Z of health careers

Want more inspo about the kinds of jobs you could land after uni? Check out our A-Z of health jobs guide, and watch the video below.

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Shout out to education

We’re also cheering that the Master of Teaching (Secondary) is sitting at number four on the list of top master’s degrees in 2024. High schools are crying out for teachers specialising in STEM, so if you want to combine STEM + education, it’s definitely a winning combo. You’ll be extremely in-demand when you’re ready to start your career! You can read more about STEM + education here.

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