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ICYMI: The top science stories of 2023

Top Science Stories 2023

The Australian Science Media Centre has looked back through lots of science news to pick their top 10 science stories of the year. We’ve published their list below, along with the STEM careers that link up with these topics. We’ve also made a list of the top science stories from in 2023 to get you inspired for your future study and career path.

This is essential school holiday reading for any future scientist, or those wondering how science and science careers can make a difference in the world!

Australian Science Media Centre’s top science stories

1. A mother convicted of killing her children was freed by science

STEM careers in this area: Geneticist, DNA analyst

2. AI impressed and alarmed us in equal measure

STEM careers in this area: Prompt engineer, AI researcher, AI ethicist


3. Climate change left us ‘up the proverbial creek’, but not without a paddle

STEM careers in this area: Climate scientist, meterologist, renewable energy engineer


4. Australia became the first country to legalise psychedelic therapies

STEM careers in this area: Medical researcher, psychologist

5. Vaping among kids reached epidemic proportions, and the government cracked down

STEM careers in this area: Researcher, medical doctor

6. We lost a radioactive capsule but miraculously found it again

STEM careers in this area: Nuclear scientist, nuclear technician, nuclear radiation engineer

7. Japan released radioactive wastewater from the Fukushima disaster

STEM careers in this area: Nuclear scientist, physicist


8. COVID-19 was an ‘emergency’ no more, but debate about its origins raged on

STEM careers in this area: Epidemiologist, virologist

9. Scientists announced the creation of synthetic human embryos

STEM careers in this area: Embryologist, research scientist

10. NASA released a major report on UFOs and appointed a UFO research chief

STEM careers in this area: Space scientist, data scientist

Read these stories here. Credit: Australian Science Media Centre top science stories

Our most popular science content this year!

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4. Find your dream science job in our latest issue, out now!

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P.S. We have a new edition of Careers with STEM: Science magazine launching soon! Sign up to our e-newsletter so you can be the first to know when it drops.

5. How to build your own nuclear science career

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6. Aboriginal astronomy about the seven sisters: world’s oldest story?

Astronomers say Aboriginal astronomy stories and global myths about ‘seven sisters’ stars may reach back 100,000 years.

7. 10 cool animal jobs you could get with an animal science degree

Despite growing up miles from the coast, marine biologist Brittany Williams developed a love for the ocean – and now she’s helping save baby oysters. Read her profile.

Being a vet is awesome, but there are so many other great gigs you could score with an animal science degree!

8. Which biologist are you?

Studying biology and stuck without direction? Or stumbling upon this quiz in an afternoon of procrastination? We’ve got you covered.

9. How to become a marine biologist + what they really do

We’ve answered all your burning questions on how to become a marine biologist, including what to study, the skills you need and where you could end up working.

10. Which forensic scientist are you?

Paige - Forensic Scientist
Forensic scientist Paige McElhinney uses STEM skills on the daily to help solve crimes. Read her profile.

There are more career possibilities in forensics than you might think. Take our quiz to see which branch of forensics you’re in!

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