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Google Sydney is one of the largest global engineering centres and the home of the region’s sales support operations.

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Video: What it's like to work at Google

We asked a software engineer, security engineer and a site reliability engineer how they got their amazing tech jobs at Google.


What it's like to work at Google for 10 years!

Ever wonder what career you’ll have in 10 years? Take it from these Googlers: it could be very different to what you imagine! We caught up with some of the cover stars of Careers with Technology of years past to find out what it’s like to work at Google for 10 years, why they still […]


Kickstart a career in digital ethics

Ethical AI researchers are on the path to making our AI technologies more responsible With great innovation comes great responsibility. Splitting the atom was an incredible breakthrough, but it also led to the atomic bomb. Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and robotics are developing at a rapid pace, so it’s important to step […]

Working at Google

Cyber security
Frances Lee

Security engineer

After a difficult first year of her tech degree, Frances Lee stuck around and now has a successful career as a security engineer at Google
Google careers
Jennifer Cheng

Site Reliability Engineer

As a site reliability engineer, it’s Jennifer Cheng’s job to make sure Google Photos runs smoothly
UX Designer
Sophie Gardner

User Experience Designer

Internships and mentors helped Sophie Gardner demystify computer design


In an effort to deliver the best digital experiences, Commonwealth Bank has set itself a recruitment target of hiring up to 50 new engineers every month.

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STEM employers team up

The Commonwealth Bank and Telstra join forces to address an issue affecting millions of Australians Two of the biggest employers of STEM graduates in the country, the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) and Telstra collectively serve millions of Australians every day. Sometimes they team up to solve big problems, meaning as a graduate working for either company […]


We spoke to two engineers working at CBA and Telstra

Find out how they got their jobs in engineering and what they love most about it


A day in the life of a data scientist at Commonwealth Bank

Thinking about studying data science but want a sneak peek into what a day at work would look like? Watch this!

Working at Commbank

Asli Yoruk - Data Scientist at Commonwealth Bank
Asli Yoruk

Data scientist

Finding insights in data to bring clarity and inform decisions is all in a day’s work for Asli Yoruk
Bilal - technology graduate at Commonwealth Bank
Bilal Takach

Technology graduate, CBA

Technology graduate Bilal Takach uses code to automate manual tasks for Commonwealth Bank, saving teams hours of time each month
Fusun Yu - senior analyst at Commonwealth Bank
Fusun Yu

Senior analyst

Fusun Yu uses data and analytics skills to help Commonwealth Bank customers affected by natural disasters


ANSTO works across areas such as health, the environment and the nuclear fuel cycle to find solutions to some of the biggest questions in science for the benefit of all Australians.

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ANSTO's 2023 Think Science! competition results

The Think Science! competition gave Australian students in Year 3 to 10 the chance to develop and show off their awesome science inquiry skills. See the winning entries here.


Find your dream science job in our latest issue, out now!

Careers with STEM magazine is packed with information on a range of exciting careers in science, and features real-life role models showcasing the possibilities in this field.


How to build your own nuclear science career

What’s your nuclear science + X? Combine this exciting field with another passion or interest to find your dream job!

Working at ANSTO

Nigel Lengkeek

Senior radiochemist

Ever been to the hospital for a nuclear medicine scan or therapy? Many of the materials we need to do these critical tests are made right here in Australia
Dr Santosh Panjikar

Beamline scientist

Beamline scientist Dr Santosh Panjikar is assisting COVID-19 research at the Australian Synchrotron
Raya Tasnim
Raya Tasnim

ANSTO Graduate

Raya studied a Bachelor of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering/Bachelor of Materials Science and is now a grad at ANSTO


Atlassian is Australia’s most aspirational and successful technology company.

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What's it really like to work remotely for Atlassian?

We chatted to three engineers working at the Aussie-founded software company about the ins and outs of remote teamwork.

Unleash your potential with an Atlassian internship

Want to kickstart your career while you’re still at uni? An Atlassian internship is your opportunity.


The future of work

Welcome to work 2.0, where your perspective is valued and you work with the team you love

Working at Atlassian

Rachel Lin - Product Manager -Atlassian
Rachel Lin

Product Manager

Rachel Lin is a Product Manager for new products at Atlassian! She walks us through her exciting STEM journey.
Alex Morgan
Alex Morgan

Software Engineer

Alex Morgan works as a software engineer at the super cool tech company, Atlassian!
Pat Hwang - Product designer
Pat Hwang

Product designer

Pat Hwang combined his love of tech with his passion for design, and is now a product designer at Atlassian