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Get insights from Australia’s fastest hiring STEM organisations.


Google Sydney is one of the largest global engineering centres and the home of the region’s sales support operations.

Latest Google Stories

Indigenous STEM Stories

Landing a gig at Google

Tamina Pitt is a Wuthathi and Meriam woman working to make Google Maps easy to use.


Everything you need to know about landing a job in tech

We asked some of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest tech employers for their inside tips on how to land a job.

Get into tech

So, you want a next-gen tech gig? Live webinar recording

Hear from three real-life STEM professionals busting myths and swapping pathway stories.

Working at Google

Google careers
Jennifer Cheng

Site Reliability Engineer

As a site reliability engineer, it’s Jennifer Cheng’s job to make sure Google Photos runs smoothly
UX Designer
Sophie Gardner

User Experience Designer

Internships and mentors helped Sophie Gardner demystify computer design
Harrison Mbugi

Security Engineer

Improving Google’s security and threat detection is all in a day’s work for Harrison Mbugi


In an effort to deliver the best digital experiences, Commonwealth Bank has set itself a recruitment target of hiring up to 50 new engineers every month.

Latest Commbank Stories

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Shake up your pathway at CBA

Every stage of your career involves making choices. We talked to two graduates in the CBA’s Enterprise Services team about the choices that led them there

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Engineering the dream team at Australia's biggest bank

At CBA teamwork is critical to innovation and helps engineers make game-changing new products for the bank

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

CBA reveals plans to hire two new engineering grads a day

Commonwealth Bank has set itself a recruitment target of hiring up to 50 new engineers every month

Working at Commbank

CBA careers
Daniel Lekic

Senior Cyber Innovation Engineer

Daniel Lekic is part of CBA's cyber team, one of the largest cyber teams in the southern hemisphere
Cybersecurity careers
Christine Vinaviles

Cyber Security Graduate

Software engineer Christine Vinaviles has gone from tinkering and typing at her mum’s work, to keeping banking staff and customers safe from cyber attacks
CBA careers
Ahnaf Rahman

Graduate Cyber Security Test Engineer

Ahnaf Rahman is a football and car enthusiast who prefers YouTube to textbooks, and he helps keep Australia’s biggest bank cyber safe


ANSTO works across areas such as health, the environment and the nuclear fuel cycle to find solutions to some of the biggest questions in science for the benefit of all Australians.

Latest ANSTO Stories


A day in the life of a biomedical engineering grad

Erin Smyth is a a 24-year-old biomedical engineering graduate undertaking the two-year Graduate Development Program at ANSTO

Women in STEM

Meet 15 women smashing stereotypes in nuclear science

We asked the female staff at ANSTO about the importance of diversity in science.


Career insights from the coolest women in nuclear science.

We hit up the female staff behind ANSTO for a major pathway pep talk.

Working at ANSTO

ANSTO graduate
Alex Boyd

ANSTO Graduate

Alex Boyd studied a Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science & Health and is now a Graduate at ANSTO
ANSTO grad
Krystal Sharan

ANSTO Graduate

Krystal Sharan studied a Masters of Business, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science and is now a Graduate at ANSTO
ANSTO Graduate
Conor Gould

ANSTO Graduate

Conor Gould studied a Bachelor of Engineering (Software) at Griffith University and is now a Graduate at ANSTO


Atlassian is Australia’s most aspirational and successful technology company.

Latest Atlassian Stories

Get into tech

Unleash your potential with an Atlassian internship

Want to kickstart your career while you’re still at uni? An Atlassian internship is your opportunity.


The future of work

Welcome to work 2.0, where your perspective is valued and you work with the team you love


Atlassian grads on the company's kaleidoscope culture

Three Atlassian grads share what team diversity means to them. 

Working at Atlassian

Rachel Lin - Product Manager -Atlassian
Rachel Lin

Product Manager

Rachel Lin is a Product Manager for new products at Atlassian! She walks us through her exciting STEM journey.
Alex Morgan
Alex Morgan

Software Engineer

Alex Morgan works as a software engineer at the super cool tech company, Atlassian!
Pat Hwang - Product designer
Pat Hwang

Product designer

Pat Hwang combined his love of tech with his passion for design, and is now a product designer at Atlassian