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Want to study engineering? Top tips from engineering graduates

Engineering Graduates

FYI, there’s a whole lot more to studying engineering than an epic pile of textbooks and weekly lectures…

Behind the networking, extra-curricular activities, practical assignments and graduate applications there’s also socialising, finding a role model and pursuing other interests. Here, we’ve tracked down engineering graduates to get their advice for first-timers. Our biggest takeaway? It’s equal parts full on and fun.

Stay social

The relationships you make with your peers, mentors and teachers are really important. Get involved in programs, clubs or community groups.”

Yuneska Harris 
– Engineering manager, Clenergy

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Get online

“Watch TED Talks or YouTube videos – find someone talking about something that lights a spark in you.”

Amelia Luu, robotics engineer, CSIRO 

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Chat to people with your dream job

“There’s endless knowledge out there waiting to be uncovered. What are the current developments? How did they do things 20 years ago? What opportunities can I grab hold of before I graduate?”  

Lily Kenway, student structural and facade engineer, Bligh Tanner 

Find your thing

“There are growing opportunities for those who have interests across multiple areas. Some people work in super exciting niche areas that you may not have even heard of.”

Danika Smith, infrastructure planning officer, NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Prepare for highs and lows

“There are going to be things that you will absolutely thrive at and others that are going to test your mettle.”

Bianca Shepherd, engineering support workshop manager, ANSTO  

Don’t study too much

“Employers want to know what you do outside of uni – it shows your true character.”

Joseph Modolo, director, Reliable Automatics and Automotive

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Seek out the ‘aha’ moments

“Often the key to understanding something comes from someone phrasing it in a different way or from a different perspective that makes it just click. That ‘aha’ moment feels great and gives you the kind of deep understanding that you never lose. Seek it out.”

Alex Morgan, software engineer, Atlassian

This article first appeared in Careers with STEM: Engineering 2023.

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