Can you guess these unbelievable science facts?

unbelievable science facts

Our world is a pretty weird and wonderful place sometimes. Woolly mammoths, double pregnancies and potato laws all make the list. Scroll through our list of unbelievable science facts to get your weird science fix. How many can you answer correctly?


True or false?

A woman in the US has become pregnant while already pregnant. The two resulting children have four parents.

twins science facts

True! This is due to a rare phenomenon called ‘superfetation’ in which a woman continues to ovulate while pregnant. This occurred to a mother in the US carrying a surrogate child for a Chinese couple when she fell pregnant with her own child with her partner, resulting in two children and four parents!

True or false?

Some fish communicate by farting. 

fish science facts

True! Scientists suspect herring communicate by expelling air bubbles from their anuses, which creates a high frequency sound of up to 22 kilohertz. It is suspected that these ‘farts’ are communication as they occur in darkness and large groups.

True or false?

Your hair and fingernails continue to grow after death. 

coffin science facts

False! This misconception is due to skin losing moisture and shrinking after you die, making hair and nails appear longer as they become more exposed.

True or false?

Woolly mammoths existed at the same time the Giza pyramids were built. 

woolly mammoth science facts

True! After most woolly mammoths died out about 10,000 years ago, a dwindling population lived on an arctic island until 1650 B.C. The Giza pyramids of Egypt were built between approximately 2550-2490 B.C.

True or false?

It’s illegal to possess in excess of 60kg of potatoes in Western Australia. 

potatoes science facts

False! It’s actually illegal to have 50kg or more! This weird law has been around since 1946 so that a potato manufacturer in the area could retain monopoly on producing the vegetable.

True or false?

If you stacked together all the Lego blocks ever made, it would reach 5 times the distance from the earth to the moon. 

lego science facts

False! It would actually reach 10 times the distance! That’s a lot of lego.


How many of our strange science facts did you get right? Let us know in the comments!

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