5 study pathway quizzes to take while you wait for ATAR results

If you're awaiting ATAR results there's still time to double-check your course preferences and make any last minute changes. Image: Shutterstock

The following five quizzes will help you prep for tertiary study while you wait for university offers to roll in *fingers crossed*

Finished Year 12 and navigating that awkward in between limbo life? Take our top pathway-themed quizzes to set yourself up for all the incoming results, offers and decisions coming for you over the next few weeks.

And if you’re feeling stressed about which course preferences you’ve picked? Don’t be! There’s a two-day window between an offer round and when you’ll need to submit your change of preferences, which means you can tweak them right up until the final round of offers in March.

Check important dates and deadlines here.


Still stumped on what some of your post-Year 12 options are? Our study pathway hub should sort you out. 

Cassie Steel

Author: Cassie Steel

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