What it’s really like to make apps for a living

Google Software Engineer, Mathew Blair

Mathew Blair has created a mobile art app that takes you on a tour of Melbourne’s public art.

Keen to gain industry experience and develop your technical skills? The Master of Engineering (Software) offered by the University of Melbourne through the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Design can give you the best of both those worlds.

Mathew Blair, now a Google software engineer, is a 2015 graduate of the University of Melbourne’s program and says the emphasis on collaboration prepares students for working with real-world clients. “There’s a huge focus on working in larger teams, which is really indicative of what it’s like to work in the industry,” he says.

In addition to learning in a classroom, students undertake a year-long project working in teams developing a software solution for a client.

“We had the opportunity to operate like a 10-person start-up with industry involvement,” Mathew says.


Which creative coder are you?

During the program, Mathew developed Marty (Melbourne is Arty), a mobile art app that helped users explore Melbourne’s public art. The app, which was created for the Committee for Melbourne, offered real-time guided tours and provided information on each artwork.

“Marty was designed to get people out and about in the City of Melbourne,” Mathew says. “It was a free gift to the city to get people engaged in the public art world, even from their hotel room!”

Mathew says the best thing about being a Google software engineer is being able to create positive change in a short time.

“The real beauty of it is I can smash out a new project over a weekend that can change the world,” he says.

TO GET THERE: Bachelor of Science or Design, University of Melbourne
Melbourne art

“The real beauty of it is I can smash out a new project over a weekend that can change the world.”

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