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5 quizzes to help you get the most out of University Open Day

University Open Day

University Open Days are your chance to find out if a Uni is right for you! These quizzes will help you get the most out of your day

On University Open Days, campuses are generally buzzing with tours, information sessions, games, competitions, student performances and yep – sometimes even free barbecues and food stalls! However, with so much social stuff going on focusing on asking the right questions to kickstart your pathway can be tricky. Here, we’ve rounded up five University Open Day quizzes to help out with everything – from planning your day, to looking into particular courses and subjects, extra-curricular opportunities and what to do if you’re hitting up a virtual event.

University Open Day quizzes

Keen to hit up a University Open Day or 10 this year? Head here for a list of relevant dates and formats. 

Parents coming with you? Ask them to read this post first.

The A-Z of Open Day

Need more tips on how to get the most out of Open Day? Watch the video below, and head on over to our Open Day hub for more info, quizzes and fun.

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Before you go…

Did you enjoy our University Open Day quizzes? We hope they were super helpful! Find more science, technology, engineering and maths (as well as general careers!) quizzes over here. We highly recommend finding out what your STEM + X is too.

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Open Day TikTok Videos
Open Day

Sneak peeks of Open Day from TikTok

If you’re still wondering what Open Day is all about, check out what went down at last year’s events in these videos.