Shaping the next generation of UTS data engineers

UTS Engineering WiEIT

UTS is shaping our future generation of data engineers and IT big guns

UTS is taking a lead role to ensure students are prepared for their future career with new programs in data engineering, electronics engineering, software engineering and computing science.

The data engineering major reflects the current global demand for engineers and IT professional with data analytics skills.

“There are a lot of opportunities for students with a strong STEM background,” says Dr Eva Cheng, senior lecturer in Electrical and Data Engineering.

Rachel Birrell is in her first year of data engineering and has her eye on a career in cybersecurity or network engineering. She’s loving her time at UTS and has “made lots of great friends.”

She’s also a UTS scholar through the Women in Engineering and IT (WiEIT) Program, one of the most inclusive STEM networks in the country.

“We have an open arms approach,” says Eva, who is the program’s deputy director.

WiEIT is a community of staff, students and professionals from different disciplines and offers undergraduate students weekly drop-in sessions, social and networking events and a mentoring program pairing students with industry experts.

– Larissa Fedunik-Hofman



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Eva Cheng, UTS Engineering

“Technology has become a part of everyone’s lives. That’s why we need equitable representation among tech developers to ensure everyone’s needs are represented.”

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