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VET qualifications that combine STEM + your passion!

VET qualifications

Want to be super employable and love what you do every day? Skill up in STEM AND the area you’re interested in. Here’s how…

Did you know that employment in STEM occupations in Australia will grow by 12.9% by 2025? We’ve tracked down 10 VET qualifications that combine STEM + X – where ‘X’ is your an interest, another subject, a big opportunity or life-changing goal – so you’ll be prepared for future jobs while pursuing your passions.

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10 VET qualifications to consider

From design to environment, here are some popular interest areas and how you can combine them with STEM at TAFE or another VET provider. Check out more ‘X’ categories and ways to mix them with science, technology, engineering and maths here.

1. STEM + agriculture

Study: Certificate III in Agriculture

Passionate about the land and want to turn that into a cool career that uses a bunch of STEM? This qualification will help! You’ll learn about animal health and nutrition, crop harvesting, livestock breeding and how to establish pastures. You’ll also developer practical skills in using and maintaining machinery.

Careers: Machinery operator, farm foreman, cropping overseer

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2. STEM + animals

Study: Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Here you’ll get across animal nutrition, preparing and monitoring anaesthesia and how to assist veterinarians so animals get the very best of care.

Careers: Veterinary nurse, zoo keeping veterinary nurse, equine veterinary nurse

Explore more careers in STEM + animals

3. STEM + construction

Study: Advanced Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering

Level up your engineering skills to work on exciting civil and structural projects, like the building of skyscrapers and the design of intricate roads. You’ll also use engineering software (like 3D CAD) to develop big ideas, and be focused on producing working drawings for civil works.

Careers: Draftsperson, civil engineering assistant

Explore more careers in STEM + construction

4. STEM + creativity

Study: Diploma of Music (Creation and Composition)

This one builds your production and musical skills, using tech to compose, produce and mix music in a variety of genres. It’ll also teach you how to use interactive technology in live performances and how to use music production software.

Careers: Electronic music producer

Explore more careers in STEM + creativity

5. STEM + design

Study: Certificate IV in Information Technology (Gaming Development)

This course teaches you skills such as interactive game design, gameplay principles and 2D and 3D modelling so you could go on to work in animation or for a game development company.

Careers: Games developer, games tester, 3D games animator, animation assistant

Explore more careers in STEM + design

6. STEM + environment

Study: Diploma of Conservation and Ecosystem Management

This is a great diploma to study if you’re looking to specialise in areas like Indigenous land management, conservation, or lands, parks and wildlife. You’ll be brought up to speed on laws around conservation and natural resource management all while sharpening your data collection skills.

Careers: Landcare manager, environmental officer

Explore more careers in STEM + environment

7. STEM + fashion & beauty

Study: Diploma of Fashion

Making fashion involves a lot of the ‘M’ in STEM. Using your maths know-how, you’ll learn to design and assemble clothing, select and print on fabrics, and grade patterns. You’ll also be prepped to work in the fashion industry in a design or business role.

Careers: Junior product developer, textile print designer

Meet TAFE student Natalie Aslan who is using digital tools like online pattern making to improve her design practice.

Explore more careers in STEM + fashion & beauty

8. STEM + finance

Study: Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping

This one teaches you how to prepare budgets and business tax calculations, use accounting software, calculate costings, process business transactions and so much more. A love of maths and tech, plus an analytical mind, will help you go far here!

Careers: Accounts clark, payroll officer

Explore more careers in STEM + finance

9. STEM + health

Study: Certificate IV in Community Pharmacy Dispensary

In this hands-on certificate, you’ll be taught how to dispense prescriptions, read and communicate prescreption information and maintain pharmacy stock. You will also get experience in a real community pharmacy under the supervision of a qualified pharmacist.

Careers: Dispensary technician

Explore more careers in STEM + health

10. STEM + sports

Study: Certificate IV in Fitness

Science is a big part of sport and fitness, and this certificate explains the science principles of exercise and how to implement them, plus delves into nutrition and healthy eating so you can support members of the community with their health goals.

Careers: Fitness team leader, personal trainer

Explore more careers in STEM + sports

Next steps

Have you found your dream VET qualification above? The best thing to do now is to read all you can about it, check entry requirements and chat with your school’s careers advisor for further tips and tricks. You can also explore more options at our STEM + VET hub, and read our e-magazine, Careers with STEM: Apprenticeships + Traineeships.

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