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Victoria University of Wellington’s unique media design course is putting its graduates at the front of the computer science pack.

Hadley Boks-Wilson, who graduated with a Master of Design Innovation from Victoria University of Wellington, is an expert coder. He now works as a flight engineer at industrial aerial robotics company Aeronavics, where he’s got one of the coolest jobs ever: Hadley gets to design and fly drones for a living.

Victoria is the only university in New Zealand to produce experts in coding for media design and puts a strong emphasis on creative coding. Through a unique media design course, students can integrate design with algorithms, theory and programming, and explore how new technologies like 3D-scanning could change manufacturing in industries ranging from healthcare to sportswear.

“The job market can be tough, so my advice would be to use the time and opportunities available at Victoria to make new connections and learn all you can,” Hadley says.

Senior lecturer Tom White thinks design and computer science will draw closer as new tools emerge to empower designers to challenge traditional models, and as data becomes more accessible and more relevant to design.

Anne Niemetz, senior lecturer and program director of media design at Victoria University, says computer programming skills are transferable and beneficial for a number of design areas. “They give graduates a competitive advantage in industry.”

Robbie Fordyce, another Master of Design Innovation student, had no experience in design or computer science when he started his undergraduate course at Victoria, but made it onto the Dean’s List in each year of his media design degree.

He also gained invaluable industry connections. “Wellington has a thriving visual effects industry on the doorstep, which means many exciting opportunities and prospects for students and graduates alike,” he says.

– Rachael Oku

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