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Video playlist: All things AI and robots

Robot video playlist

Love robots? There’s a playlist for that!

Here’s some weekend or after school viewing that’ll get you pumped for a career in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) or technology! From the latest news in what our robot friends are able to achieve to getting your head around what exactly is AI, there’s something for everyone in this fun and super interesting robot video playlist.

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1. Move over GI Jane, meet AI Clive

Are you ready to meet cool robot, Clive? He’s UniSA‘s first off-the-shelf quadruped robot (that means one who has four legs) and he’s flexible, agile, versatile, energetic, and communicative! He weighs 13 kilograms and cost an eye-watering $25,000. He’s also equipped with 13 motors and multiple on-body cameras. That’s some serious tech!

Clive’s job? He’ll be helping out with remote inspections by defence, space, mining and utility companies, and be used for search and rescue. In his spare time, he’ll also be involved in augmented and virtual reality research at the Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments.

His mentor, Dr James Walsh, an Enterprise Fellow at UniSA STEM, says, “Technology like this is the ultimate demonstration of STEM in action. It brings together electrical and mechanical engineering, maths and computer science and shows us what is possible when we merge all these different skills.” So epic!

2. What is artificial intelligence?

From being able to snap the perfect selfie to self-driving cars, AI has entered our lives in many ways and it is now being applied to solve complex problems in most scientific fields. In this video, we explain exactly what AI is, what it’s used for and what cool STEM careers you can land in this field. For more on AI, head on over here.

3. Welcome to country in the Narungga language

This is so awesome! In this video, students program a robot to perform a welcome to country in the Narungga language. Wait ’til you see the look of pride on the face of one of the students as she echoes the Narungga word for ‘knee’ that she’s just programmed this NAO robot to learn!

4. Drone careers that fly

What’s a robot video playlist without drones! From aerial Indigenous mapping practice to studying whale snot from space, drone careers are wide reaching and in demand. Dr Karen Joyce from She Maps is on a mission to give girls the tools to enter drone careers through their awesome workshops and virtual excursions. She chats us through it all in this video.

5. Ai-Da drawing

Have you heard about Ai-Da? She’s the world’s first ultra-realistic artist robot. Ai-Da draws using cameras in her eyes, AI algorithms and her robotic arm. She shows off her creative skills in the above video. Ai-Da is becoming quite the famous artist too. Recently, she aunched an art exhibition of her own work. It’s called ‘Leaping Into The Metaverse‘ and it’s currently on display at La Biennale di Venezia in Venice.

Keen on robotics and automation after making your way through our robot video playlist? Find out how to land a job in this area over here.

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