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Video playlist: Careers in space

Careers in space - NASA astronauts

Careers in space are varied, exciting and in demand

Did you know that the Australian Space Agency is aiming to create 20,000 new local jobs by 2030? That means it’s a great time to think about careers in space and what might be the perfect fit for you. From software engineering and cyber security, to astrophysics and planetary science, there really is something for everyone.

Below, we’ve rounded up four amazing videos that dive into careers in space to show you just how diverse the opportunities are in this industry – and that heaps of these are right here on Earth (no space travel required!). Want to know more? Head on over to our space hub.

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1. NASA senior computer scientist Tamar Cohen

Keen on coding but also passionate about space? Mix the two for an out-of-this-world career! And here’s a real life example of this: Tamar Cohen writes software to support NASA scientists who are exploring planetary bodies remotely. So cool!

2. Careers with STEM: Space careers

When it comes to careers in space, some people work in space law, or space medicine, while others have expertise in manufacturing or coding, research or communication. When it comes to your space career, not even the sky’s the limit!

In this video, get a sneak peek into working in the space industry as we chat to four Australian Space professionals – Thomas Ireland (a software engineer at Gilmour Space Technologies), Anny Daily (Operations & Communications at the Australian Space Agency), Helen Maynard-Casely (a planetary Scientist at ANSTO), and Gail Iles (lecturer at RMIT and former astronaut trainer).

3. 10 future jobs you might be applying for in 2050

Watch to find out which one is a space career. Future planning? Read more about jobs that don’t exist… yet!

4. Careers with STEM: Science and space

In this webinar, meet scientists solving pressing global challenges and contributing to a prosperous economy through creative innovation and industry collaboration. Find out how studying science in high school and beyond will equip you for a next-gen career that you’ll love, no matter what type of pathway you choose. And hear from Vanessa Zepeda, an astrobiology PhD candidate at QUT!

You can also read more about the scientists in the above webinar in the free Careers with STEM: Space e-magazine, or by ordering a print copy here.

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