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Video playlist: Epic engineering

Amelia Luu - engineering video playlist

Are you a future engineer? Then we’ve got some essential after-school viewing for you right here

From honing in on the area of engineering you should study to hearing from amazing role models working in everything from banking to aerospace, this engineering video playlist will get you up to speed with all the incredible things you can do with the ‘E’ in STEM.

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1. Which area of engineering should you study?

So, you’ve decided to study engineering… but can’t decide which area of engineering is for you. Not a problem! We can help. Watch this video to match your interests and passions to your perfect engineering major. Know someone else struggling to decide? Share this video with them!

Still unsure? Take our quiz! Which area on engineering should you study?

2. Women in engineering with amazing STEM careers

At Careers with STEM, we’re proud to have profiled lots of women in engineering combining STEM with their ‘X’ – their passion, interest or another field. In this video, meet five women in engineering doing amazing things!

Need more deets? You can read their profiles and check out their cool CVs below.

3. Careers with STEM: Engineering webinar

Stumped on how to sift through the thousands of engineering-types out there? View this webinar to find out what are the most in demand jobs and skills and hear from three professionals who are living the engineering dream.

Want to hear more about their pathways? Here are their career profiles!

FREE E-MAG: Engineer your dream job by reading Careers with STEM: Engineering or ordering a print copy

4. What is engineering?

Engineering is awesome! But you probably want to know a little more about it before you dive into a specific degree or career path. Check out our engineering video to get an epic overview!

For more on engineering careers, head to the Careers with STEM: Engineering hub

5. Commonwealth Bank engineers talk about the ‘E’ in STEM

Commonwealth Bank of Australia engineering team, Troy Poulter, Chalie Acar, Elysee Ng chat all things engineering and the exciting career opportunities that exist if you are interested in the field.

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