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Video playlist: Essential Open Day viewing

Open Day Videos

Do you rate watching over reading? Get across Open Day in just five videos!

So… We’ve got a whole heap of amazing Open Day content right over here, but if you prefer your info in video form then this playlist is for you. In these Open Day videos, find out what to expect from a university open day, as well as ways to make the most of them. We also highlight what kinds of jobs popular STEM degrees can lead to, so you know exactly what questions to ask faculties when sussing out how studying at their uni can help you land your dream gig. Happy watching and enjoy Open Day!

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1. The A-Z of Open Day

Heading along to a university open day but don’t know what to expect? We’ve got you covered in this video. Watch it and you’ll be an expert even before you arrive.

Want more info on the points covered in the video? Head on over to our Open Day Guide where we go more in-depth, or browse the Careers with STEM Open Day content for tips and insights, and for help deciding what and where to study. 

2. 7 ways to make the most of Open Day

From campus tours to discovering university societies and clubs, here’s how to have a successful Open Day experience! For a list of every university Open Day happening this year, head on over here.

3. 10 STEM careers to land with a computer science degree

We know so many of you are eyeing off a degree in computer science! Before you head along to Open Day and chat to all the relevant people about how good CS is at their uni, here are 10 careers this qualification could lead to. Is your dream career mentioned? Ask tutors and lecturers what electives you can take that will be beneficial to your career path.

4. 33 jobs you can get with a Bachelor of Science

And ditto for a Bachelor of Science. This is another super popular degree! Suss out what career you might like to end up in, then ask the uni you’re thinking of attending how they can help support you on this journey. You might like to look into the science societies on offer too. Here’s a huge list of all them. See if you can spot your uni of choice!

5. What is engineering?

For the engineers-to-be, get across what engineering entails before you dive into a specific engineering course at the unis you’re sussing out.

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Open Day TikTok Videos
Open Day

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