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Vanessa Zepeda - Science Videos
Vanessa Zepeda is a QUT PhD student in astrobiology and shares her story and advice in the Careers with STEM Science and Space live webinar recording.

Want to work in science one day? Then here is your homework this afternoon…

Watch all these science videos from the Careers with STEM YouTube channel! From sharpening your science writing skills to advice from ANSTO scientists, this playlist will leave you feeling inspired and/or wanting to learn more about specific areas of science. That’s where we come in! Discover our science hub and all our science role models to find out exactly what it’s like to work in this area of STEM.

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1. A to Z Science Careers List (in 1 Minute!)

The Ultimate Science Career-opedia! From aerobiologist to zoologist, here is every science career we could think of… in just one minute.

Get the entire list here

2. 3 ANSTO scientists chat all things STEM careers

We chat to ANSTO’s Nigel Lengkeek (senior radiochemist), Leena Hogan (radioisotopes and irradiations manager) and Erin Smyth (graduate engineer) about how they got their cool STEM gigs at ANSTO and what they love about working in nuclear medicine.

3. Careers with STEM Science and Space 2022

Scientists don’t just work in the lab and field – they’re helping to build our economy through creative innovations, collaborations and industry partnerships. They’re at the forefront of helping us understand climate change, they’ve helped us navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and brought us life-saving vaccines and they’ve revealed the wonders of the cosmos to us.

In this webinar recording, meet scientists solving pressing global challenges and contributing to a prosperous economy through creative innovation and industry collaboration. Find out how studying science in high school and beyond will equip you for a next-gen career that you’ll love, no matter what type of pathway you choose.

4. UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing Competition – 2022 Entries Now Open!

The annual UNSW Bragg Prize is a science essay writing competition open to all Australian high school students in years 7 to 10. Not only are there some awesome prizes up for grabs for you and your class – it’s a great way to complement your studies across all areas including Science, English, History & Geography, Design & Technology and more! You can also get Bragg judges tips here.

Enter the competition

5. Next Gen Careers: Future Scientist

Next generation scientists will transform the way that we live and work, and address the global challenges we face right now. From the health aspects of urban and regional development, to drone management of wildlife, 3D visualisation of reefs, and futuristic uses of materials, discover the new careers emerging from advanced science and how QUT has the pathways to get there.

Download the Future Scientist Job Kit

6. Planet-saving STEM careers

There are so many challenges facing humanity right now – but there’s also hope! Discover how a career in science (as well as technology, engineering and maths) could put you at the frontline of making the world a better place.

7. Women in Science say “I Think We Need More Women in STEM!”

We asked some prominent women in STEM and women in Science to finish the sentence… “I think we need more women in STEM because…” Here’s what Kylie Walker, CEO of Science and Technology Australia; Heather Catchpole, Head of Content for Refraction Media; Karen Taylor-Brown, CEO/Publisher of Refraction Media; and Nicola O’Brien, CEO of CodeRangers had to say.

8. What happens when you Google ‘Scientist’?

These STEM career stereotypes might be stopping people from seeing themselves in a STEM career!

9. Why We Need More Entomologists

41% of insect species are in decline. Of that percentage, one third are going extinct. These scary new figures from University of Sydney honorary associate Dr Sanchez-Bayo show us just why we need to have more entomologists.

Meet entomologist and food scientist, Skye Blackburn

10. Here’s 5 Outdoor Jobs if You Just Can’t Bear a Desk Job

Think about it: your career is how you’ll be spending most of your waking hours for decades – so the nitty gritty of what your 9 to 5 work day actually looks like is pretty important, and for some people, regular opportunities to get their hands dirty outside could mean the difference between career satisfaction and searching job boards in their spare time.

To get you started, here’s a list of 5 outdoor jobs that will see you spending a healthy portion of your work week living it up in the great outdoors.

Check out more STEM career and science videos on the Careers with STEM YouTube channel!

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