Video playlist: Meet maths + data pros working in STEM

Maths pros - Careers with STEM
The IAG Perils team members love their careers in maths!

Don’t forget about the M in STEM! It can take you some pretty amazing places. Just ask these maths experts.

We love chatting to maths pros about their careers. With maths skills, you can work in so many different industries – trades, meteorology, finance, energy, health, education, environment and more.

Below, we’ve put together a playlist of videos featuring advice from maths pros on how they landed their careers, including what they studied and why they think maths skills are so important to future jobs, as well as ones you wouldn’t expect.

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1. We Chat to the IAG Perils Team About Their STEM Careers in Maths

We chat to IAG Perils team members, Phil Conway, Michaela Dolk, Xueying (Sylvia) Wang, about why skills in maths matter, plus all the exciting career opportunities that exist if you are interested in maths.

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2. How Can I Get into Data Science? A Next Gen Careers Webinar

Are you thinking data science is the right path for you to explore? A wide range of skills are needed in this emerging and high-growth career area. QUT has crafted a course that combines engineering, design, coding and maths, and connects with real-world data science applications. In this webinar, hear from experts in their careers about how data science can provide paths into careers in medical science, social science, biology, robotics and the environment.

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3. Careers with STEM: Maths & Data Webinar

Want insights into maths careers from actual maths pros? Here’s the place to get it. In this webinar, you’ll meet the data scientist from fashion heavyweight Global Fashion Group, Kshira Saagar, and hear from a bushfire scientist, an extreme weather expert, and a children’s hospital data scientist, plus discover 15 careers of the future. Phew!

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4. Faces of Careers with STEM: John Kosta (Plumber)

John Kosta, aka @Life_Of_A_Maintenance_Plumber has amassed a big following on Instagram as he documents his day-to-day work as a sole trader. In this video, John shares the kinds of maths he uses on the daily as a tradie.

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Find more advice from maths pros with exciting careers at our maths role models hub.

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