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Teachers, shake up your STEM lesson plans with our free video resources

If you’re a high school STEM teacher, chances are you are forever on the hunt for fun, free classroom resources. But with video being some of the most effective ways to engage kids in class, navigating the maze of content on YouTube can be a mission in itself. 

Lucky for Term One lesson planners, we’ve spent the last 12 months increasing our video offerings –  creating fun, curriculum-linked clips that can be inserted into emails and embedded in digital worksheets. 

Scroll on for our selection of STEM education resources from our Careers with STEM YouTube channel, that’ll clue you up on next-gen careers of the future – and what students need to study to land them.

1. 33 jobs that you can get with a Bachelor of Science

Scientists don’t just work in the lab and field – they collaborate on innovative new areas that lead to whole new products and careers.

Our glossary of science jobs are categorised by specialisation and all kickstarted by Bachelor of Science study pathways. So many exciting opportunities in loads of different – and unexpected – STEM fields. 

In class: Get students to think about out-of-the-box science careers and pathways – not just the lab-bound, white coat-wearing stereotype.  

2. What is cyber security? 

According to AustCyber, 7,000 additional cyber security jobs will be added to Australia’s economy by 2024, totalling 33,500 in the workforce. Explore why it’s such an exciting area – and what students need to study to land a next-gen role.

In class: As more of our personal and work data moves into the digital environment, understanding how to stay secure online is more important than ever! Use this as a talking point to chat about online safety, and all the careers involved in protecting our digital spaces. 

3. What is engineering? 

If your STEM classes are full of innovators, creative thinkers and problem-solvers, chances are they’re drawn to the ‘E’ in STEM – engineering. Which is awesome news if they’re looking for a secure, future-focused role – because in 2021 engineering roles were up there with some of the most fast-growing and in demand.

Here, we has out what’s involved, what to study and the kinds of careers you could end up in. 

In class: Define what is possibly the STEM discipline least exposed to students in high school. So much room for career satisfaction and growth – and far beyond the hard hat and high rise stereotype! 

4. Careers with STEM Maths webinar 2021

Careers in maths are booming! In this webinar we explore how today’s young people could become part of globally important work.

Opportunities are as diverse as new energy, environment and sustainability, solving poverty, pandemic response, combating climate change, politics and law. Plus, there are gigs in growing sectors like cyber security, retail and cloud computing.

In class: Our live webinar recordings are a great way for students to hear from young graduates who’ve walked the maths and data path and landed amazing jobs!

Need more next-gen careers inspiration? Careers with STEM’s entire back-catalogue of fully embeddable flip-page digital magazines are available online free.


Cassie Steel

Author: Cassie Steel

As Refraction’s digital editor, Cassie Steel spends her days researching robots and stalking famous scientists on Twitter.


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