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Video: What it’s like to work at Google

We asked a software engineer, security engineer and a site reliability engineer how they got their amazing tech jobs at Google

Want to know what it’s like to work at Google? Watch this video! Anna Truffet, Candice Bowditch and Max Griffiths share insights into their cool gigs at this super famous tech giant.

And bonus: You can read more about their study and career paths below!

What it’s like to work at Google – meet the Googlers!

Anna Truffet, software engineer

Anna Truffet. Image: Lauren Trompp.

In her Google gig, Anna automates verifying people and organisations’ identities to help prevent money laundering and keep Google users safe. 

“It’s my team’s job to make sure our users are who they say they are,” she says. 

See what a typical day on the job is like for Anna, suss out her awesome CV, and get her advice for high school students by clicking the button below.

You can also read more about Anna and what it’s like to work at Google in the latest issue of Careers with STEM: Technology. Click here to read the e-magazine or look for the print copy at your school or uni!

Candice Bowditch, security engineer

Candice - Security Engineer Google
Candice Bowditch. Image: Lauren Trompp

Candice is a proud Indigenous Australian woman: she is Larrakia and Wadjigan from her father’s side and Arabunna from her mother’s side.

Before landing her current role at Google, Candice completed a Bachelor of Computer Science at RMIT, a cyber security internship at Westpac and worked in a couple of different security and software roles. Now, as a blue team security engineer, it’s her job to detect cyber security threats to Google.

“A fun part of my job is being able to engineer new detections to be deployed across the fleet,” Candice says.

Check out Candice’s STEM career journey by clicking below!

Max Griffiths, site reliability engineer

Max Griffiths
Max Griffiths. Image: Lauren Trompp.

Every day at work is different for Max. Some days he’s on call for a Google service and responding to issues as they arise, and some days he’s working to improve the reliability of future features. And others? “I’m waist deep in various configuration files to understand how the pieces all fit together to bring everything to our users seamlessly!”

He loves working at Google and says the scale of the company continues to blow his mind. 

“At the click of a button, I can ask for more resources than I would have thought possible,” he explains. 

Hear more about what it’s like to work at Google by checking out Max’s full profile. Just click below!

Next steps

For more on tech careers, read the latest issue of Careers with STEM: Technology online (for free!) or if you love magazines, head here to order print copies of the epic edition.

You can also check out what it’s like to work at Google for 10 years!

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