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Want to work with the next generation of the web? Check out our Metaverse Engineer Job Kit!

We’ve just launched a new FREE Job Kit, deep diving into the metaverse and the engineering jobs that’ll change our online world

If you’re thinking about studying software engineering and you love playing Fortnite, you need to check out our Metaverse Engineer Job Kit.

In partnership with Macquarie University, this Job Kit explores jobs in the metaverse including data scientists and analysts, blockchain engineers, VR and AR developers and programmers, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialists working in machine learning.

You’ll also meet a game designer, and a developer at Macquarie University’s Virtual Reality Lab, specialising in creating games and simulations for research projects.

Careers include more than just technical roles. One of the most important aspects of designing useful VR and AR worlds is ensuring that the user can interact with an interface (an interface is how a user interacts with the digital world, like when you tap on your phone screen).

We’ll need specialists who build communities, manage projects, design experts and people with research skills to help us understand how to build technology into our world.

We’ll also need people who understand laws and ethics, to make sure we build it fairly, and people with different perspectives and from different backgrounds, to make sure we build it in a way that’s accessible and inclusive of everyone. 

What are Job Kits?

The Careers with STEM Job Kits are free downloadable 8-page e-mags which offer a complete introduction to individual STEM careers. Discover what a specific STEM job is all about, meet real people working in that job and find out what you can do right now to set your career on the right path.

Find our entire collection of Job Kits here.

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