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Watch our free maths webinar!

Maths Webinar

The STEM + X webinar series is back and this time we’re exploring exciting career paths maths can take you down

In this maths webinar, you’ll be introduced to a sports systems statistician, an energy expert, and a healthcare mathematician. These individuals are at the forefront of applying mathematical principles and data skills to make significant impacts in their respective fields.

Brought to you with the support of QUT, this webinar offers a glimpse into the boundless potential of mathematics and data degrees. Explore the exciting careers of tomorrow and discover how you can make a meaningful impact in our ever-evolving world.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to unlock new possibilities and shape the future.

Watch the full Webinar below.

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What will the maths webinar cover?

The importance of maths!

Mathematics is often hailed as the language of science and engineering. It’s a powerful tool for understanding complex concepts and solving problems across different domains. Whether you’re passionate about developing new technologies, conducting research, or tackling real-world challenges, a strong foundation in mathematics is essential.

But the importance of mathematics extends beyond STEM careers. It plays a crucial role in diverse areas such as energy, healthcare, and even sports. From optimising patient waitlists to analysing energy consumption patterns, mathematics drives innovation and efficiency across various sectors.

In today’s data-driven world, proficiency in data analysis is becoming increasingly vital. Companies and organisations rely on data to make informed decisions and drive strategic initiatives. The ability to collect, analyse, and interpret data empowers individuals to identify trends, uncover insights, and drive positive change.

Meet the panelists

Paul Wu, sports systems statistician

Paul Wu

Paul Wu is an Associate Professor in the School of Mathematical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia. He received his PhD from QUT in aerospace engineering in 2009. Dr Wu is interested in developing and applying Bayesian statistical methods and algorithms to understand and make predictions about complex systems, including Dynamic Bayesian Networks and Hidden Markov Models, functional data, and stochastic queuing systems. 

Paul Wu’s exceptional real-world contributions to sports, ecology, and transport industries have been widely recognised, including the prestigious ARC Centre of Excellence in Mathematical and Statistical Frontier Award for Impact and Engagement in 2020, the Centre for Data Science Award for Outreach and Engagement Excellence in 2022, and the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Partnership and Engagement Excellence in 2023.

Emma Studerus, energy expert

Emma‘s journey into data science began during her Master of Science in Internetworking studies, where she first encountered data analysis. Her initial career path led her through roles in IT and customer service. However, her growing interest in data science prompted her to pivot and enroll in a Bachelor of Data Science program at QUT. 

 Currently, Emma holds a position as a senior forecasting system analyst at Energy Queensland. In this role, she delves into data to unearth critical insights related to energy. Emma’s expertise extends to developing and participating in various machine learning projects. These include tree-based models, time series analysis, and Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) techniques, all aimed at addressing challenges such as forecasting rooftop PV solar generation, estimating peak system demands, and analyzing peak load generation for zone substations and feeders throughout Queensland. Her approach also involves researching how similar challenges have been addressed by others, allowing her to incorporate new perspectives into her work. 

Beyond her professional endeavors, Emma is passionate about education. She serves as a Sessional Academic at QUT, teaching “Fundamentals of Data Science.” This role allows her to share her enthusiasm and knowledge with students, fostering a deeper understanding of the field.

Jack Powers, healthcare mathematician

Jack is a PhD Student in the QUT School of Mathematical Sciences , researching techniques to better prioritise patients on public elective surgery waiting lists. He completed a Bachelor of Mathematics at QUT, majoring in Operations Research and Data Science.

Jack’s research focuses on how patients can be prioritised more equitably by using mathematics to better differentiate them in terms of clinical severity across different procedures, and how their priority increases over time, relative to all other patients on the waiting list.

Outside his PhD studies, he has gained experience working as a consultant in industries, such as mining, sports, and health, using mathematics and programming to solve real-world problems. Jack is also teaching first-year engineering and mathematics courses as a Sessional Academic at QUT. He is a passionate football (soccer) referee, with aspirations to one day officiate professionally on the national A-League.

Meet the moderator

Kimberly Valenny

Kimberly Valenny

Kimberly Valenny is passionate about turning ideas into realities. She is motivated by emerging technologies and how she can contribute to the future of user experience design and software development as a Front End Developer at Deloitte Digital.

​Kimberly has recently completed a double degree in Information Technology and Creative Industries at QUT, with majors in Computer Science and Interactive & Visual Design. She was also the 2021 President of Women in Technology, a student society that aims to unite, inspire and empower strong like-minded females studying all things tech at QUT.

Still eager to get involved in initiatives and networks, Kimberly is a member of the ACS QLD Emerging Professionals Committee and of the QUT IT Industry Advisory Group. She also tutors as a Sessional Academic at QUT for a first year ‘Introduction to Web Design’ unit and is an ambassador for the QUT Faculty of Science marketing team and now, a moderator of the Careers with STEM / QUT STEM + X webinar series. 

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