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We hunted down the best STEMinist merch on the Internet


With women representing just 16% of Australian STEM employees, we’re all about busting stereotypes and inspiring the next generation of young girls to look into science, tech, engineering and maths careers.

And now there’s a stack of merch to do the talking for us.

From t-shirts to totes, pins and mugs, we’ve hunted down the coolest STEMinist stuff on Etsy so you can become a walking, talking campaign for gender diversity in tech.

1. Estrogen molecule necklace, AU$21.25

Nothing says “women in STEM” like statement bling in the shape of a molecular structure. These estrogen necklaces feature pendants made from up-cycled copper and can be engraved with one of four killer quotes. Our favourite? “Yas Queen.”

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Credit: Etsy/MolecularMotifs

2. STEMinist t-shirt, AU$41.05

You can’t be who you can’t see – which is why these soft cotton tees are an awesome way to fly your flag and inspire others to do the same. They come in a stack of different colours and we love that they’re unisex!

Credit: Etsy/coeurcollective

 3. Enamel pin, AU$10

This Aussie-based Etsy store features a curation of inspiring pins that act as mini enamel cheerleaders! We can’t go past the black-on-rose STEMinist type-based stud, which you can send as a gift with a note for no extra cost.

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4. Girl power slogan tee, AU$36.40

Forget fun! We all know these days girls just wanna have funding for scientific research, and finally we can shout – and wear – it from the bus/train/uni/office! If we had a uniform this would be it. BRB while we buy one for every day of the week.

Credit: Etsy/marynguyenco

5. STEMinist mug, AU$25.85

Like your morning coffee with a dash of STEMinist empowerment? Welcome to the club! This super-cute ceramic mug is STEM gift goals; Christmas, sorted.

Credit: Etsy/cutechemistrycompany

 6. Tote bag, AU$37.90

Carry your uni books around the science faculty like a total boss with this seriously stylish tote. Or, pack it full of groceries for the same – less glamorous – effect.

Credit: Etsy/FemmeNouvelle

Pumped on STEMinism? Read up on how you can help minimise gender disparity in science here

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